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Discussion in 'The Eastern Front' started by AlexW, Mar 13, 2011.

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    The Story of Stalingrad remembered from The German Veteran survivors and Russian Veterans. I have never seen such moving and tragic interviews ever about such a military action that turned ultimately in to an unmitigated disaster, and was Germany's own making of WW2, in my opinion. The 6th army even turned to cannibalism to survive in Stalingrad and in the camps afterwards.

    Part 1 The survivors talking about capturing Stalingrad

    Part 2 The Pinzer movement. The 6th Army is trapped.

    Part 3. The end of the 6th army as a fighting force. Konrad Adenaur does a deal with the Russians to get German soldiers returned to Germany. Retribution against German soldiers who worked undercover for the Russians in the camps, when they returned in Frankfurt. The joy for families when their Fathers, Husbands, Brothers etc... returned to Germany
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    good day avigliana,advanced member,yesterday11:09am.re:i remember.you have collected much histoty of the war in russia.very bruttal.savage in fact.when you eat your fallen mates you have come to the end of the line.this is what the germans say,but after all the horror,the super race did not do verry well.over a million dead.for nothing.there as no mercy given by the russians,they marched there prisoners into the freezing weather untill they dropped and froze.of 100.000 6000 suvived,its hard to pick who is worst,the victor or the vanquished.i think nature did us a favour.and now the russians are starting to bully there nabours.they realy have not changed.they are still bolshy.great post.regards bernard85 :m4: :m4:
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    Thanks Bernard85 for your reply.
    Somebody said once "History is there to be learnt from". Unfortunately, the people from those lands haven't learnt a lot, if not nothing.
    Love the tanks!

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