How Many Men Can You Fit On A Tank?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by von Poop, Feb 26, 2014.

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    "It's a souvenir, sir!"
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    Farley Mowat's The Regiment describes how he, as Battalion Intelligence Officer was tasked with collecting German equipment for study. He took anything and everything including a JagdTiger. When the cargo ship arrived back in Canada, they wanted to bill him for the transport cost! Anyway, the stuff rotted away until sold for scrap. :( Today it would be worth a fortune.
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    I can tell that's a Sherman by the suspension but it would be hard to know otherwise!

    What is the diagonally placed plate above the tracks? Extra armour? Stowage? It looks non-standard.
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    A counterweight - maybe ?

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    Oh, well thought, Ramiles! Some of the people in the left side of the photo might be sitting on the flail arms.
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    Can't find it now, but thought they were boxes containing chalk to mark the cleared lane... Who knows?
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  9. The legend on this collage is wrong. Those are not counterweights (the Crab was heavy enough!) but chutes for lane marking lights (and of course the standard Sherman V stowage bin on the rear panel, as is the box marked "chain storage"). The only counterweight is at the near end of the left side flail arm, on the Crab Mk.II only.

    The Crab on the photo in Post #86 is T148656 (now a Memorial) sitting one house ahead of Huijbregtse electronic shop on Zuidstraat, Westkapelle, during the visit by Princess Juliana on 15 May 1945.

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    Chalk, flares(?), and later flags on Churchill Toad.
    Sure I've read that eventually ignored as it was usually pretty obvious where a flail had recently been.

    People on tanks...

    Not a bad attempt at 17+, but I fear we've had it before
    There is at least a bucket, though. I like a nice tank bucket.

    Maybe the required reinforcements arriving to make a more serious attempt on the record.
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    How many tanks can you drive up a bridge onto a tank on a bridge?
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    I can stack more Bren carriers on my Bren carrier than you can stack Bren carriers on your Bren carrier …

    Stack of Bren carriers in German scrapyard.jpg
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