How Many Men Can You Fit On A Tank?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by von Poop, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. von Poop

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    Fifteen or so isn't going to win any prizes, but I like their style.


    If/when this becomes an Olympic event there will have to be weight/top surface categories.
    I mean, rhomboids & centurions can hardly compete fairly against a 38t or M4.
  2. Jonathan Ball

    Jonathan Ball It's a way of life.

    How many ladies can you fit on a StuG though?

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  3. Owen

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    Just seen this facing page 135 of Paul Preston's "Doves of War".
    Captioned "Militia men and women standing on a home-made tank in Barcelona : 28th August 1936."

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  4. JimHerriot

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    "For the memory of the martyrs of freedom"

    Literal translation of an always worthy sentiment.

    Thanks for posting this Owen.

    Always remember, never forget,

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  5. stolpi

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    Eenrum (north Holland), 16 april 1945:

    Tank crowded.jpg

    hidden under a pile of happy citizens .. an UAO (Unidentified Armoured Object). Most likely Allied. Note the wooden clogs!
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  6. stolpi

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    Another contender, though a bit smaller: an UAO (Unidentified Armoured Object) at Ulft (eastern Holland - near Doetinchem)

    32 Op de achtergrond de olde Pastorie van de Petrus en Paulus kerk.jpg
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  7. Tom OBrien

    Tom OBrien Senior Member

    Are you sure there isn't just one very happy soldier at the bottom of that pile!

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  8. AB64

    AB64 Senior Member

    A Lord Strathcona's Horse Sherman

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  9. Quis Separabit

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    Is there a sub-category for How Many Men With Bicycles Can You Fit On A Tank?


    Loading of Landing Craft Tank LCT(4) 611 (LTIN 371) and Landing Craft Tank LCT(4) 612 (LTIN 370) during Exercise FABIUS IV May 44 - IWM A23672
    The D-Day Landing Timetable shows that LTIN 370 was due to carry 13 Members of 9th Infantry Brigade Defence Platoon, each with their own folding Airborne Bicycles.
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  10. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    There is now.
    You are currently leading it with a fine shot.

    Any more 'men & bicycles' out there?
    (Just bicycles not allowed. I think they may live in a 'buckets & stuff on tanks' thread somewhere... :unsure:.)
  11. dbf

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    Buckets, Bicycles, and Tanks.
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  12. ltdan

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    old habits die hard......
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  13. Owen

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  14. Sheldrake

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    I used to carry my bicycle on my APC on exercise in BAOR. We were in a reserve brigade and invarably were under electronic silence in a hide for many days. The bike was invaluable for ;liaison and obtaining fresh rolls and milk.

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