Home Guard insignia?

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    How many Home Guard units created their own insignia?

    This poor picture is from Cornwall - my photo crops the accompanying text, but I think it's 4th (Choughs) Battalion Cornwall Home Guard Newquay. (Not sure if there should be a comma there after Cornwall)

    CameraZOOM-20180626132106770 - Copy.jpg
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    And this was at the Keep Military Museum in Dorchester, but I don't remember now if this was Home Guard or 45th Infantry Division.

    P1040674 - Copy.JPG
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Three WW2 Cornwall Home Guard Formation Signs, consisting of embroidered 11th (Newquay) Battalion, printed 12th (Land’s End) Battalion and printed 14th (St Ives) Battalion. Various conditions
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    Others from Cornwall

    5th (St Austell) Battalion, 7th (Falmouth) Battalion and 8th (Helston) Battalion


    1st (Stratton) Battalion, 2nd (Coastal) Battalion and 4th (Wadebridge) Battalion


    1st Dumbarton Home Guard WW2

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    Auxiliary Troops HG

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    Just on this subject the team at the Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART) have been aware of a product on sale on eBay related to Aux Units - see below:

    Our attention has been drawn to an Auxiliary Units badge currently for sale on eBay


    We are confident that this is recently produced badge and was never worn by the wartime Auxiliary Units. We will post some additional info on the small enamel red and blue shield badges later for those interested in their history.

    One strong bit of evidence that this is a recent production is the colours. The numbers and crown are in gold - whereas on the original enamel badge they are silver. On very worn badges, the brass shows through and these appear gold and presumably someone has mistakenly copied that.

    We also think we know where it was printed from. If you look at the number 2, on the real badge, the top of the 2 is cut twice by the horizontal bar, whereas on the eBay badge it is only once. Also the number 3 has a curved top not a flat one as on the original badges. The crown is too detailed, with a white fur rim and three red jewels. It does however look just like the graphic published by the Daily Mail in 2013!

    Compare the badges in the composite picture - top left is the eBay badge, then clockwise, the Daily Mail graphic, a very worn badge from an auction website and a silvered badge from the Taunton area.

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