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    My father, George William ANDERSON, served in the RN from 1932 to 1948 and amongst other Campaign Stars he was awarded he received the Africa Star and Italy Star. These Stars are both recorded on his Discharge Card which summarises his medals awarded. According to his RN Central Record Card, he served at HMS Quebec from 12 Sep 42 before being assigned to HMS Daedalus on 2 May 43 (and again to the same ship on 21 Jul 43) then HMS Victory on 18 Mar 44 and thereafter he served aboard HMS Wager from Apr 44 onwards. Some of the above detailed ‘ships’ may have been ‘stone frigates’ or pay accounting organisations. I understand that HMS Quebec was a Combined Operations training establishment and my father no doubt went there to train in the lead up to OP TORCH (hence being later awarded the Africa Star). My key question is: Is it conceivable that following OP TORCH he would have given service that earned him the Italy Star? The dates he moved to HMS Daedalus and HMS Victory (a pay account location) may of course be rough dates. At the time of OP TORCH he was a Petty Officer of the Gunnery Branch. Any advice or insight on how I could establish his likely movements between Sep 42 and mid 43 would be appreciated.
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    Naval records are frustrating to say the least. You are correct that most of the ships mentioned are 'stone frigates'. Therein lies the problem as the actual seagoing drafts were not always shown. Are there any names in brackets after the shore base? You may wish to try and obtain a list of seagoing ships by requesting his pay and victualling ledger from the MoD.

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