Help with Lieutenant Thomas Halford, Royal Artillery

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    HMS Grenade, destroyer
    29th Return passage to beaches from Dover with HM Destroyers GALLANT and JAGUAR.
    Under air attacks without damage.
    During evacuation from East Pier, Dunkirk came under further air attacks and hit by three
    bombs that caused significant damage and started fires.
    Attempt to tow ship clear was unsuccessful and ship was abandoned as fires could not be
    When fire reached magazines later the ship blew up.

    HMS Jaguar, destroyer
    29th Deployed with HM Destroyers GRENADE and GALLANT to assess the strength of shore
    batteries at La Panne
    Embarked 370 troops inside harbour at Dunkirk under air attacks and sustained damage when
    HMS GRENADE, berthed alongside, was hit by bomb and sank.
    On return passage to Dover came under further air attack and disabled by near miss
    . Unable to proceed and some troops transferred to another ship which established tow.
    Restored power and arrived at Dover under own steam.
    30th Repair arranged at Immingham and took passage to Humber.


    Dunkirk evacuation May 1940
    Along the east mole, destroyer GRENADE was sunk at 1602 by German bombing. Fourteen ratings were killed and four more dying of wounds. Destroyer JAGUAR, alongside GRENADE outboard, was badly damaged at 1600 by German bombing.
    Destroyer JAGUAR was hit by one bomb. One boiler room out of action, her hull was holed, there was damage to oil tanks and her engine room. Thirteen ratings were killed and nineteen crew, including LtF. Bruen, were wounded.
    The troops on destroyer JAGUAR were transferred to other ships.
    Destroyer EXPRESS towed JAGUAR out into the channel.
    Destroyer JAGUAR was able to make most of the voyage back to Dover on her own, but off Dover she was joined by tug SIMLA (144grt) which towed her into Dover.
    Destroyer JAGUAR departed Dover at 1620/31st in company of destroyer GALLANT and was repaired at Immingham in sixteen days.
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    Thanks all. We'll submit the Killed at Sea document to exclude him from the list of possibilities. Intrigued to know what actual regiment he was with though.
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