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  1. Drew5233

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    Can anyone help identify this missing officers Battalion? He's listed on CWGC as being with 4th Battalion but this battalion didn't go to France in 1939/40. I don't think this battalion even existed?

    We are trying to exclude him from an Unknown Grave that's almost been identified so any info on him may help.

    Killed 31st May 1940 and remembered on the Dunkirk Memorial.
    Casualty Details | CWGC
  2. Tricky Dicky

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    UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
    Name: Humfrey Fairclough
    Given Initials: H
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Death Date: 31 May 1940
    Number: 69225
    Birth Place: Warrington
    Residence: Warrington
    Regiment at Enlistment: South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales' Volunteers)
    Branch at Enlistment: Infantry
    Theatre of War: France and Belgium Campaign, 1939/40
    Regiment at Death: South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales' Volunteers)
    Branch at Death: Infantry

    Contact the museum? - The Regiments in World War II | Lancashire Infantry Museum


    or contact - 69225 Lieutenant HUMFREY FAIRCLOUGH 4th Bn. South Lancashire Regiment 25 Years old on Friday 31st May 1940
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  3. Tony56

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    Casualty lists state 4th Bn. First reported missing then presumably died of wounds, on or shortly after 31.5.40
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  4. Bruneval

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    Morning Drew,

    I have attached a link to The Leas School Magazine dated 1941 which mentions Capt Humfrey Fairclough in the East Lancashire Regiment which I understand did serve in France. Maybe this is the missing Unit?

    The Leas 1941 April magazine



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  5. Tricky Dicky

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    If it was East Lancs then they did have a 4th Bn in BEF

    East Lancashire Regiment - Wikipedia
    4th 1st Line Territorial battalion. Formed 1939 when 4th/5th Battalion was duplicated. North West Europe 1940 with 127th Infantry Brigade, 42nd (East Lancashire) Infantry Division. Following the Dunkirk evacuation, it remained with the division on home defense duties.

    127th (Manchester) Brigade - Wikipedia
    Order of battle
    The 127th Infantry Brigade was constituted as follows during the war:[31]
    4th Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment

    Maybe worth checking in your files for their WD

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  6. Deacs

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    Doesn't answer your question Andy sorry but newspaper report on him being missing.
    It states he was in the territorials.

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  7. Tony56

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    Not saying who is right or wrong but the two casualty lists and also the list of missing as circulated to POW camps all state South Lancashire.
  8. Bruneval

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    ........and another newspaper clipping states South Lancashire Regiment. Presumably this text is from the family as they ask for no letters. Therefore, you could deduce they know the unit he was serving in which is the South Lancashire Regiment!?

    England, Andrews Newspaper Index Cards, 1790-1976 for Humfrey Fairclough



  9. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    I should also add I have copies of all the South and East Lancs Regimental War Diaries that went to France and he's not mentioned in any of the officer field returns.

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