Help Required. 104 Army Troops, Royal Engineers.

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    Hi All
    I have recently been researching my Grandad, Walter Tittle 1983955 born 1902.
    His service records show that he was in the TA from 1937 until the outbreak of war in 1939 with 104 Troop.
    It then lists him embarking for France with the BEF on 12.9.39. Then there is a gap until 7.11.40 when it lists him as posted to 3 TBRE (Training Battalion Royal Engineers?).
    My Dad has a few items left by my Grandad including a small diary (about 2" x 3") that reads on the front '104th Army Troops Coy France Xmas 1939'.
    The only entries in the diary are from 11.6.39 to 22.6.39 and relate to his evacuation from France as part of Operation Ariel. I have scanned them as thought they may be of interest.
    Diary 4.jpg Diary 5.jpg Diary 6.jpg
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    Operation Aeriel, June 1940

    TUESDAY 18 JUNE 1940
    Convoy OLIVE sailed Loire (0630) - ROYAL ULSTERMAN 2800, ULSTER PRINCE 2800, FLORISTAN 2000,
    BAHARISTAN 2000, CLAN MACPHERSON (CLAN FERGUSON) 2000, DUNDRUM CASTLE 2000, DAVID LIVINGSTONE 2000, FABIAN 2000, CITY OF MOBILE 2000, GLEN AFFARIC (GLENAFFRIC) 4000. Total of 23,600. Escorted by VANOC & BEAGLE. Destination Plymouth & Falmouth.

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    Thanks for that. It would appear that SS Fabian was involved in the rescue of survivors of RMS Lancastria the day before.
    The Roll of Honour for the Lancastria also lists a member of 104 Troop among the casualties.
    Why is there so much written about Dunkirk but so little about Operation Aerial?
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    I blame the film myself - I guess thats history, Dunkirk happened first perhaps

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    My dad was in this unit 104 troop RE. He died recently 10.08.2018. But he talked about Sehertogenbosch and crossing the Maas. Sapper N H P Brown

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