Help Needed Identifying Army Forms B2063 & B2070

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by Dave Wood, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Ive just joined WW2Talk today having received my fathers military WW2 records from the Army Personnel Centre. In his records there is a reference to "Army Forms B2063 & B2070 being held" can anyone help me identify what these forms relate to? Thanks.
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    From Hansard 11 Dec 1945
    18. Major Digby

    asked the Secretary to State for War whether he is aware that the depots of some regiments have only just received a proper supply of Army Form B2070, which is necessary for applications for all campaign stars; and what is the reason for this and the consequent delay in authorising soldiers to wear the ribbons to which they are entitled.

    B2068 was asociated with this form as being the request for the Defence medal - are you sure that this is not the other form?
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    Just re-checked the form is hand written B2063, maybe a clerical error 3 instead of 8, have uploaded an extract of the record. However, that is sufficient information for me to know that they are the forms for requesting of medals. Thanks for your response.

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    A bit late to this but below is an example of an AF B2070

    IMG_20200619_0015.jpg IMG_20200619_0016.jpg
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