Help Needed - 8th Armoured Brigade in Yorkshire

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  1. Matt W

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    Looking for info please on the regiments from 8th Armoured using Fylingdales Moor range for firing practice in 1944. My Dad can remember tanks with the fox's mask badge being parked up in Robin Hood's Bay and if possible I'd like to find out the dates and units involved. Does anyone have access to the War Diaries for that period please? Thanks
  2. Ramiles

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    There is this, in the War Diary of the 24th L:

    7-8/1/44 The Regiment took part in echelon exercise “Frederick Uncle”.

    8/1/44 ‘B’ Sqn fired on the ranges.

    9/1/44 ‘C’ Sqn fired on the ranges.

    10/1/44 ‘A’ Sqn fired on the ranges.

    I had a quick glance in the SRY wardiary too, and there may be something in there, but I didn't yet see a specific ref. (I think) to Fylingdales Moor / Robin Hood's Bay.

    Can you tie down any dates in a bit more detail? i.e. even which season it was? Spring/Summer/Autumn etc.

    Edit: For a quick overview there are some covering details on various movements within the 8th Armoured (May 1943 to D-Day) here: The 8TH ARMOURED BRIGADE
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  3. Matt W

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    Many thanks for checking! Unfortunately I've no idea of the time of year as all my Dad remember is the brigade markings.
  4. Ramiles

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    It's possible that someone at some point my come up with that crucial bit of "photographic evidence" I guess, as there are certain examples of pictures being taken of the 8th Armoured exercises (though I think elsewhere) but:

    Archaeological Reminders of World War II

    "The relative remoteness of the National Park made it an ideal site for military training. Jugger Howe on Fylingdales Moor was one of the principle static firing ranges of World War II and unexploded shells are still found on the site today. Shell craters pock-mark the landscape and aerial photographs show the surface criss-crossed with tank-tracks."

    So not uncommon for such as, for example, the 8th Armoured to have been there.

    BTW what was you father doing there? Did he speak - for instance - to any of the tank crews?
  5. Matt W

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    He grew up there and saw the tanks on the way to school. He can also remember the South Staffs on exercise with their air portable jeeps, in this case their WD gives full details even down to the houses they stayed in.
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    The Fylingdale ranges were used for many years after the war. I used to cycle to them in the 1950's and saw:
    Churchill tanks. Unit unknown.
    Tanks of the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry. I was given a badge which I still have.
    A group of camouflaged Universal Carriers.
    A large parachute drop from C119 Flying Boxcars.
    Austin Champs with snorkels playing on the beach at Whitby.

    The gunnery ranges were well away from any public access.

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    Did the fox mask look anything like this?



  8. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

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