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    Found this in my Dad’s war souvenir box. Anyone knows what it is? My Dad was woth R22eR in Italy, Germany and Holland. thank you ! 280D9DD8-4C91-40A6-AC20-6D4AE3118F7A.jpeg
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    The badge is:

    British 8th Army Cloth Formation Badge

    The 1st Canadian Infantry Division, 5th Canadian Armoured Division, 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade and the I Canadian Corps were all under the command of the British 8th Army when they landed in Sicily and onward to Italy

    The Royale 22e Regiment were part of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division during that time period

    • 1st Canadian Infantry Division
      • The Saskatoon Light Infantry (Machine Gun)
      • 1st Infantry Brigade:
        • The Royal Canadian Regiment
        • The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment
        • 48th Highlanders of Canada
      • 2nd Infantry Brigade:
        • Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
        • The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
        • The Loyal Edmonton Regiment
      • 3rd Infantry Brigade:
        • Royale 22e Régiment
        • The Carleton and York Regiment
        • The West Nova Scotia Regiment

    Source: badge, formation, British, 8th Army
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  3. Owen

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    That's the blingyest 8th Army badge I've seen.
    Not usually as shiney as that.
    Ends of the cross are usually squared off.
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  4. J.Dagenais

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    Thank you so much for this info !
  5. Bond

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    an unusual version, it could also be British troops in Austria as well as 8th army, but not an exact match for any of either I have seen, probably locally made

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