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  1. bev5343

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    hey bev here stumbled across this site while looking for info on squadron 51 from ww2 know an 87 year old in queensland oz who flew with them and my grandad drove a landing craft onto juno beach in d day dont know much about the details he has passed now.great site bev:)
  2. Mike L

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    Hi Bev and welcome to WW2Talk.
    Can you give some more info on the 87 year old veteran eg name, rank, service number etc?
    Also similar for your Grandfather, was he RN?

  3. Peter Clare

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    Hello Bev, welcome to the forum.
  4. 4jonboy

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    Hello Bev and welcome to the forum

  5. gpo son

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    Welcome Bev
    You have probably seen the news reel footage of the first wave landing on Juno on D-day it is the only known footage of the first wave assault for all of D-day. If not here is the link D-Day: Juno Beach Landing - YouTube gives a pretty good idea of what a landing craft skipper would be looking at.
  6. Steve Mac

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    Welcome to the forum Bev - enjoy!


  7. bev5343

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    this is a really interesting site....great for preserving our history.

    grandad...royal marines thats all i know!he did say he was one of the first on juno beach so the utube above will be very interesting thanks.

    queensland relative....jim king warrant officer 51 squadron joined in 1941
    have a newspaper report from last year what an amazing story.i will try and get it on the site.

    i saw that squadron 51 has been given the freedom of snaith where they were stationed recently....still nice to see recognition still important.

  8. bev5343

    bev5343 Junior Member

    gosh just watched that video...those guys must have been scared...we really cant everyone:poppy: forget them eh! bev
  9. gpo son

    gpo son Senior Member

    That was the Queens Own Rifles of Canada. They lost nearly an entire Platoon on the 'run in' when the Landing craft hit a mine hanging on 'Rommels Asparagus'
  10. Dorsey92

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    Hey there, Bev, I'm a new user on this site as well and find it very interesting too.
    I hope you are enjoying your membership and already found all the information you were looking for.
    Have a good time!

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