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  1. China Hand

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    Hi, just taken "the King's Shilling" for the site, looks fascinating :) and addictive :(

    I am a long-time military history buff (and ex-TA soldier), in past mostly WW2 Europe, but now taking more interest in 20th century military history in Asia as I have been working in China (generally Shanghai) for most of the last six years. I am currently in Hong Kong for next few months.

    I am very happy to try to help with any research queries, cemetery grave photos, and similar assistance relating to the region, if I can. I have various friends elsewhere "in theatre" if I cannot immediately assist myself. I might try and put up some info and pics from my own research as I get time, if anyone is interested.

    I also did a lot of research some years back on WW2 in Scotland (which is where I hail from) so might be able to help with that topic, too, although all my library relating to that is currently in store back home :(

    Meanwhile, can anyone identify what my avatar is ? ;) No prize, other than fame here...oh! that didn't take long...well done Owen !

    I have added some of my family's service details here... http://www.ww2talk.com/forum/searching-someone-military-genealogy/3141-your-ww2-ancestors-9.html#post165555

    Best wishes to everyone here for Christmas and a peaceful 2009 !

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  2. Owen

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  3. China Hand

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    Ha right very good...easy one huh ??? I will try something harder next time !
  4. Peter Clare

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    Hello Graham, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your time here.

  5. China Hand

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    Thanks, much appreciated :)
  6. Ron Goldstein

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    China Hand

    Welcome aboard !

    Your offer of help in local research is much appreciated and I'm sure will add to the strength of this forum.

    I've only been once to that part of the world, in 1984 to be precise and like most tourists I've got the inevitable snap to prove it .

    She who must be obeyed is the pretty one with the fan :)

    Best wishes


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  7. China Hand

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    Thanks Ron, I will do what I can !

    Like the pic :)
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    Welcome to the forum Graham,

  9. Gnomey

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  10. China Hand

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    Cheers DBF :) - my late father was from Belfast...still teenager during the war but he did recall seeing lots of US troops and aircraft, as well as a few unwelcome visits from the Luftwaffe, and I have somewhere a paper mentioning to his work as a Boy Scout for Civil Defence...

    Cheers Gnomey :) - ah-ha another Scot ??? Leuchars ????
  11. Verrieres

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    Welcome to the Forum, my uncle was stationed in China pre-war Shanghai and Tientsin he was with 1DLI when WW2 broke out in 1939,at Tientsin and the whole place was flooded!
  12. China Hand

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    !!!! :)

    Of course yes Durhams were in Shanghai pre-war...I have noticed that a few times in my reading about the period...do you have materials relating to his service in China ? Hadn't realised we had forces in Tienstin (now Tianjin).
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    Greetings from Canada Graham. Welcome to the Forum.
  14. China Hand

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    Thanks...plenty of Canadian memories to honour here in Hong Kong...Winnipeg Grenadiers and Royal Rifles...
  15. Gerard

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    Hello China Hand and you are very welcome to the forum, nice to have you here!!!! BTW, are you a T'Pau fan??? ;)
  16. Owen

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    Here's some pictures from Martin McIntyre's book, The Wiltshire Regiment 1914-1959 .
    Regarding 1st Bn time in Shanghai.


  17. China Hand

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    Hi Gotthard thanks....T'Pau....??? sorry got me there :( do explain !!!
  18. China Hand

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    Owen - thanks...these are nice pics !

    Just a couple of comments :

    1. Slightly puzzled by reference to "seven miles march" from docks to racecourse....by docks I would assume what is meant is The Bund, i.e. the Huangpu River frontage of the International Settlement where most shipping would tie up. If so, the racecourse (now People's Square) is probably about only two miles, if that...hum. Oh well, maybe just an academic point !

    2. Shanghai Light Horse were part of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps, manned in a Territorial Army sort of style by the local foreign community for defence of the Settlements. I have some photos somewhere...Rolls Royces from memory...

    3. Amused by "rules of engagement", as they would be called now !

    More stuff on background the 1932 "Shanghai Incident" is here January 28 Incident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and some pics on this thread Axis History Forum • View topic - Shanghai 1932 albeit of Japanese mostly.

    The British Army's role in China interwar is not something that is much talked or written about...something to correct ! I have some interesting pix on the way from ebay of British soldiers in Shanghai in 1927 as part of the "Shanghai Defence Force" at time of another "war scare"...I will post them when they arrive in case of interest to anyone.


  19. Owen

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  20. China Hand

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    Ah right OK that went way over my head ! :) It is of course also a reference to "old China hands", i.e. the expats who have been out here for ever...six years is not really that much compared to some guys now or in the past

    As for interwar stuffs, can do...put it in "pre-war" forum I guess ??? (although anything after 1937 really is part of WW2 in Asia...)

    PS Just noticed the stripe...where did that come from...must be fastest promotion to Lance Jack ever...!!! ;)

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