Hello from "Hillman" strongpoint (Normandy)

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    Hello, please find a short introduction from myself. My name is Bruno Leroux
    As you will see, my English is not fluent as yours, but I wanted to share in the forum one initiative which have, by some certain aspects, some similarity with some topics already discussed here.
    I leave in Normandy (yes, You understood, I'm French - nobody can be perfect!) & I'm in the board of the association "Les Amis du Suffolk Regiment" (treasury, website, assets, ..), association in charge to maintain alive the "Site Hillman" & the Suffolk Memorial.
    You can discover our website here : http://www.amis-du-suffolk-rgt.com/index.php/en/

    One of our Key projects for the 70 DDay celebration is to draw as we can the most exhaustive list of veterans who was passing by our site, as contributor for the battle during 6-7june'44, or securing the place in the following days.. For this, we start playing with the regimental archives, CWGC ,... and with the modest list of contact name of the veterans & their family who was in visit in France in a recent time...
    As the DDay was a trouble time, the composition of Bn. seems impossible to collect in one shot and can only be built progressively by the crossing of testimony..

    So, I stop here my introduction, but if someone had already made a similar investigation for one other place or can help us, He's welcome.
    BR, Bruno
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. :)
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    Hello and welcome to the forum Bruno

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    Back in 1944 our men were at Hillman and after taking it, Courtesy of Arthur Heal RE CdeG. We then used it for a short while as a base for our daily action operations. But we bunked down between, on the concrete passage ways.
    Sapper 246 Field Co. Third British Infantry div...Monty's Ironsides. I have never been back, and sometimes wonder if it all still there after 69 years?
  5. Owen

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    Well a few of us have posted pics of it over the years , Brian. ;)

    Welcome to the forum Bruno.
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    It was a very big place Owen....... Huge.....
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  8. sapper

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    I should have known better than to ask........
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    Hi Bruno,
    Really interesting website.
    I visited Hillman last May and thought it is amazing.

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