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    I’ve now put online over 230 translated monitoring reports of broadcasts made by the British clandestine radio station known as Gustav Siegfried Eins (GS1).

    GS1 pretended to be the mouthpiece of a group of disaffected German soldiers. The main announcer is referred to as "der Chef", the Chief, who revels in the use of foul language to attack the murderous British enemy and to complain about the clique of Nazi bosses (the Party Kommune) who are mismanaging the war while profiteering and living a comfortable life at the expense of the German people. The station was on the air from May 1941 until November 1943.

    Broadcasts of this radio station were monitored by the U.S. Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service, the transcripts of which make up this collection. The originals are held by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 262.

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