Gunners in Normandy: History of the Royal Artillery in North-west Europe, January 1942 - August 1944

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    Gunners in Normandy has now been published. The e Book for Kindle can be bought via
    Amazon at £6.64 There are monthly magazines that cost more, so no excuse not to have this reference to hand. The hardback will be available soon from Waterstones or Amazon .

    This tells the story of the Royal Artillery from Jan 1942 to 31 August 1944. This is long overdue Regimental history attempts to tell the story of a Regiment whose part on the battle matches the motto "Ubique" - everywhere (if not all over the place), but has been taken for granted in much of the history.

    The work was started by the late Lieutenant Colonel Will Townend, the project directer and curator of "Firepower" a passionate Gunner historian and battlefield guide. The Guild of Battlefield Guides awards the Will Townend award to the guide who has done the most to help other members in the year. That is the mark of the kind person he was.

    There is a roll of honour listing the dead in France June-Aug 1944 by unit and cemetery details.
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    Just enough time to say 'thanks for the heads-up' before dashing over to Amazon to preorder...
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    It's lost a star already - it's 15mm shorter than the original series and has buggered the market in aftermarket blue-and-white dustjackets!
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    And it's arrived! Went for Waterstones in the end in an attempt to avoid giving Amazon all my money.

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