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    After the war ended, the division was selected for conversion back to infantry, and held a "goodbye to armour" parade In Rotenburg Airfield on 9 June. By chance was it near Paderborn after it became an Infantry Division?
    There is a picture in Facebook of a Jagdtiger next to an arty truck of the Division. I would like to know the place.

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    Here the pic:
    Danny Anderson
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    Would not be Paderborn, have a look at my website page for their journey after converting to infantry
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    My good friend Historic Steve is the expert on the movements of the Guards Armoured Division, I am more interested in the movements of the independent 6 Guards Tank Brigade (retitled Armoured just before the Farewell to Armour Parade), which ended the war in Schleswig Holstein before moving to the Rhineland to join the recorganised Guards Division.

    Rotenburg was then a small market town midway between Hamburg and Bremen and the principal town of Kreis Rotenburg Hannover(now Rotenburg Wumme). The airfield was a few miles to the north on the road to the junction with the then Hamburg=Bremen autobahn.

    By sheer coincidence I lived in Rotenburg as a schoolboy in the early fifties when my father was in command of the Armoured Vehicle repair element of the REME Workshop located in the former airfield hangers. The whole area had changed little from the Farewell to Armour Parade.
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    Thanks for the information!

    A member of the 3 RTR, Alf Gritton, took another picture of the Jagdtiger, this time in a field, near a pair of DD Shermans. The 11th Armoured Division occupied Landkreis Schleswig up to the Danish frontier. The Guards Division went to this area when it became part of the 8 Corps in April 1946.

    Between Siegen and Unna 20 Jagdtigers were captured or destroyed. Another 7 remained between Bad Driburg and the Harz Mountains. Some Jagdtiger were still driveable, and some others were taken away from the wreck places by British occupation forces. One more Jagdtiger was tested at Sennelager and then taken to the School of Tank Technology at Chertsey in the UK for further testing. Now it is in the Tank Museum.

    The Tank Museum | E1952.34

    But The gunnery school at Putlos had another two Jagdtigers. By proximity, one of these could be the one in the photo.

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