German POW's Hanged

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    Despite the many pleas for clemency, 4 German POW's were hanged in Lethbridge in 1946 for the murder of fellow prisoner Karl Lehmann.

    More than a little irony in that the sentence of Kurt Meyer was commuted and many SS soldiers, identified as having murdered Canadian soldiers, were never actively pursued by authorities. Capital punishment was reserved for killing one of their own.

    Hanged: A special series about the history of capital punishment in Alberta

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    They have these men listed as soldiers, but they were in fact airmen.

    H Busch certainly was.

    From, Norfolk in the second world war by Neil R Storey.
    Researched by Robert J Collis.

    18th Feb 1941.
    Heinkel He 111-3 (3349) from 4/KG 3 was completely lost and had already jettisoned bombs when it flew over RAF Watton at 100ft and was hit by LMG fire then in the wings by three PAC (parachute and cable rocket apparatus) from RAF Watton two of which partly tore through the wing spars. The Heinkel crash-landed and ended up across a drainage culvert at Waterend Farm Ovington a 7.55am. The two men who captured the crew and prevented them from firing the aircraft were mentioned in the London Gazette. Aircraft A1+CM wrecked.
    Crew taken prisoner Fw H Busch, Oberlt E Langguth, Uffz W Schmoll and Geft K Kammermeier (slightly wounded)

    Heinrich Busch had a lucky escape a bullet tore the shoulder of his flying suit before grazing Kummermeirs face and exiting through the top of the fuselage.
    In Canada Busch was involved in the murder of a fellow German POW who had anti-Nazi convictions. He was tried by an Allied war crimes court and executed.

    Pics of crashed plane here.

    Heinkel 111 shot down Watton ?????

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