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    George F. Collier enlisted in the RAFVR May 1941 as an AC 2nd. class/Aircraft hand/ Observer.
    He was mobilised on the 11th August 1941.
    4 months later (after basic/ trade training?) he re-mustered under training as an Observer and re classified as an Leading Aircraftsman. My question is- where did he spend those 4 months doing his basic training then his Observer training?
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    The three stages of training for prospective aircrew were Basic Training, where he would have been introduced to the rigours of service life, Trade Training, where he learnt the skills of his air crew trade and Operational Training, where he learnt to work as part of a bomber crew.

    As a rule of thumb, Basic Training started at the Aircrew Reception / Receiving Centre, Regents Park (where he would have been kitted out, inoculated and introduced to the rigours of service life) and, once this phase was completed, he would have been posted to one of the many Initial Training Wings which were dotted around the country (to learn the basics of service life).

    Once basic training was completed, he would have been remustered to start his trade training as an Observer

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    It's worth remembering that the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, among other schemes, trained pilots and observers (and air gunners?) overseas at this time so he might have done his trade training in e.g. Canada.

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    His flight log book says that from 18th May 1942 to the 19th September 1942 he was a 43/45 Air School at OUDTSHOORN Africa where his duties were a mixture of Navigator and Bomb Aimer.
    10th Jan. 1943 he was posted to No. 14 Course. 'B' Flight 24 OTU.

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