George Edmund Graves - 8th Army

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  1. AndyGraves

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    George Edmund Graves
    I'm trying to find details of my fathers service record, which I would like to record and pass on to my family for future reference.
    During my childhood my father would often recall events of his time, but as children we always passed it off as uninteresting.
    We can recall him showing us a Silver George Medal that he was awarded,but he would never tell us,why the award was given.

    All I know is that he was in the 8th Army, possibly the Royal Engineers, as he always said he drove lorries. We always said he wasn't a war hero, but that he hid under his lorry.
    I also know he was in Tripoli and in the African desert.
    I think he also served in Italy, and was also evacuated from Dunkirk.

    He died 23 years ago so am still unable to attempt to get his Service Record. He lived in Croydon when he was called up.

    I now very much regret not listening to him, to find out what he went through.
    If anybody could help,I would very much appreciate it.
    And if any further info. is required,I can try to obtain this from other family members.
  2. Owen

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    He died 23 years ago so am still unable to attempt to get his Service Record.

    Yes you can, prove Kinship & his death, should be no problem, cost 30 quid a few months wait.
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  4. CL1

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    welcome to the forum
  5. AndyGraves

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    Hi Owen

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    When I was looking at the SAR document,used to request his info.,
    i'm sure I read that you have to wait 25 years after the persons death, in order to obtain their details.

    Has this changed recently,orhad I misread it?.

    Thanks again. Andy
  6. Drew5233

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    Can you post any pictures of his medals

    Ref applying - You only have to wait if your not a next of kin-If you are you can apply as soon as the person dies.
  7. AndyGraves

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    I have no pictures of his medals unfortunately.

    I've used the link provided to the MOD Request for Information, and I can see that in order for me to obtain details of the units he served under and their locations,I will have to wait until 2013,which willbe the 25 years, post death.
    There are some details available now,as you have rightly pointed out, and the gallantry medals is one of them, so I may well request what I can now,and get the rest in a few years.

    Once again, I would like to thank you all for sparing your time to respond to my thread.
  8. AndyGraves

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    Sorry, forgot to add, I am not the next of kin. My mother passed away 5 years before my father.
  9. Owen

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    You don't have to wait !
    As Andy says, the 25 year wait is for people who are NOT next of kin.
    As your Mum has died you are next in line.
  10. Drew5233

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    Are you reading the UK Veterans site by any chance? Thats rubbish, use the link above DBF posted above, it will all be in there.

    Alternatively just ring them and they will send you the forms.
  11. AndyGraves

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    Thank you all!!.

    Having used the link provided I can now see what I need to do.

    So thank you all for responding

  12. Owen

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    No worries, may I just say what an excellent middle name your Dad had.

    I named my first born son that, after King Edward I's brother , Edmund Duke of Lancaster.
    Completly useless info but thought I'd share that.
  13. Drew5233

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    I thought it was after Blackadder o_O

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