Geoffrey John James 14378572 13TH/18TH ROYAL HUSSARS

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    Hi all, I've been doing a little digging into my grandfathers service during the second world war and was wondering if anyone could be of any help at all?
    I think I've established he landed on sword beach during D Day and was in A squadron under Maj. Wormald as a radio operator. I'm struggling to find any information on the tank he was in, like his tank number or crew list possibly?
    Me and my family would be really interested to know what else he and his unit got up to during the war. When he was alive he would never talk to anyone about it.
    Thanks guys!
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    Welcome. The first thing that you will have to be certain of is that he stated with the same unit throughout the war, transfers were not unusual. You may be correct but it would be a waste of time if he also served with others. Official service records from the MOD should always be the first port of call. There is information here, follow the link.
    13/18 Hussars Journals
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