Göring's Whereabouts in November 1942 (Original work)

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    Decisive military events took place in November 1942 and decisions made by the German leadership during this important period had significant impact on the outcome of the World War 2. Participation in decision making during this period of the war was studied in detail in many books and papers. Yet, there is still missing information on whereabouts of Herman Göring, head of the Luftwaffe. Luftwaffe played important role in both North Africa and at the South of the USSR. It is widely accepted opinion that Hitler based his decision to stand fast in Stalingrad on Göring's assurance that the Luftwaffe can supply units in Stalingrad with the air lift.

    New information
    Recently I have discovered a secret document (1) that clearly indicates that Goring has visited the Jeu de Paume in Paris on 24 and 27 November 1942. This contradicts Irving’s claim that the visit on November 24, 1942 was Göring's last visit to this treasure house in Paris. Interestingly, his arrival to the Wolf’s Lair coincided with the unannounced arrival of Feld marshal Erwin Rommel from North Africa. The same night, Rommel and Göring boarded the Reich marshal's special train Asia with the Führer's orders to meet Mussolini in Rome. This clearly indicates that Goring was at Hitler's headquarters in Rastenburg, East Prussia just on November 28, 1942.

    Now, it is clear that Goring could not have taken part in decision making regarding both North Africa and Stalingrad. Furthermore, decision to stand fast at Stalingrad was made without the Reichmarschall’s knowledge (Irving, pp 367). Göring’s absence from decision making process indicates that his role as the head of the Luftwaffe was just a little more than an honorary title. Obviously, Göring was considered to be dispensable at that time. Also, the absence of Göring in Rastenburg except on October 28, 1943 renders baseless Zeizler’s account of events in Rastenburg where he allegedly opposes Göring with words “That’s a lie, my Fürer”. From the present information, that conversation between Hitler, Zeitzler and Göring could not have happened.

    1. ERR Attachment 9A (DCS0421), Consolidated Interrogation Report No.1, Activity of the Einsatzstaab Rosenberg in France, Office of Strategic Services, Art Looting Investigation Unit APO 413, U. S. Army, August 15, 1945.
    2. Irwing D (2010) Göring – A Biography

    A copy of ERR Attachment 9A (DCS0421)

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