Friendly "Enemy Alien" Paybooks

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    I met this gentleman - born in 1920 - some years ago in London. An unforgettable encounter with a remarkable man. He was born as Hans Dieter Wolff in Berlin and fled the Nazis in the mid-30s ending up in a quaker school in England. He was deported to the Isle of Man in 1939, then deported again to a camp in Canada. There he was offered the chance to join the British Army - which he did, adopting the name Peter Wayne (he liked John Wayne movies). Peter Wayne died shortly before his 100th birthday... this is his story:

    Wayne, Peter (Oral history)
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    Just for completeness sake, Bruno Schemel was on Transport Number 4 from Berlin which departed on 1st November 1941 from the Grunewald Train Station and arrived at Lodz (Litzmannstadt) the next day. The transport had between 1033-1079 people onboard and was the last one to Lodz, with 4,187 Jews having arrived from Berlin by then. Between the 4th & 15th May 1942 most of the Jews that had been deported to Lodz were sent to the death camp at Chelmno. Of the approx 1033-1079 on the same transport as Schemel none survived.

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