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    Has anyone any knowledge of data bases that hold registers or name index of French resistance. I realise this is a needle in a haystack quest but I am seeking anything to these men:
    Robert Tournaut
    Pierre Mouret or Mouvet
    Alfred Tirmaille
    Piere Mathelin

    It is thought that one or more of these men assisted the Allies in the role of interpretation duties after the invasion in 1944. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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    I have a very small snap photograph dated 1939 from which without doubt I can identify Pierre as being one and the same person because of the very distinct features. I need to translate that article to learn more, this is a remarkable finding because I have attempted so many searches myself and never located anything. Thank you so much for your time in finding this for me I think it will provide some fantastic information. I will update this accordingly. Thank you again.
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    If you Google "Pierre Mouret 1944" - Pierre Mouret - Recherche Google then it is one of the results which you can use Google translate, which in this case is good

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    They have no Personal Files at either TNA Kew or the Main French Archive

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    Occasionally members of the French Resistance acting in capacities such as interpretors and guides/drivers are mentioned in Jedburgh reports.It does mean that these reports are scanned through which might be tedious.

    I have read through a number of Jedburgh unit reports of those operating in Brittany and found them very informative.

    There are a number of these reports kept by US archives which can be searched on line.Additionally some individual reports are available on the internet by searching.

    National Archives |

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