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  1. The following French airmen are shown by Pembrokeshire Cty Council as buried at City Rd Cemetery H’west,
    ++ Arman Leon Chourgnoz buried 23 May 1944.
    ++ Paul Pierre Marchi buried 23 May 1944
    ++ Charles Vignolles buried 23 May 1944
    ++ Marc Le Mousser buried 23 May 1944

    If there final resting place is at City Rd, then they have no headstones. Therefore I wonder if they where returned to France and if so I would be interested to know of their final resting place in France, so that on a future research visit, I can add their locations to my list of required visits to photograph and record.

    Diolch en Fawr
    Owen Ap Benfro
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    Owen Ap Benfro

    Stonefall Cemetery, Harrogate was a burial place for air force personnel, the Free French members from RAF Elvington where interred there during the war as and when they fell.

    After the war they were exumed and returned to France for reburial the exact date it happened I am unsure of.

    CWGC may hold information as to when it happened if you contact them, they are normally very helpful
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    Good day Owen,

    The French Ministry of Defence website (which lists the details French service casualties in various conflicts from WW1 onwards) gives the following e-mail address contact: <>

    Hopefully, they should be able to provide you with the information.

    The following is the link to the website which you can access in English translation:

    SGA - Mémoire des hommes - Soldiers who died in World War II (1939-1945)

    The four casualties you mention are listed on this website. But it does not give the final resting place in the way the CWGC website does.

    When you go to the casualty search the best thing will be to put in just the date of death (20 05 1944) the country of death (Grande Bretagne). This gives you the list of the four French casualties you are researching (Surname, First name, DOB, Place of birth):

    CHOURGNOZ , Léon, 15-04-1911, 03 - ALLIER
    LEMOUSER , Marc, 15-02-1921, 29 - FINISTERE
    MARCHI , Paul , 29-03-1907, 13 - BOUCHES-DU-RHONE
    VIGNOLLES , Charles, 21-11-1910, 33 - GIRONDE

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  4. Tre' Bon & Merci for this assistance.
    It would appear that I am not going to get to all locations in just one visit, however well I get around France.
    I have contacted some friends in Paris, who I hope will follow up further on my behalf and then prepare visit for later in the year.
    Diolch en Fawr
    Owen Ap Benfro
  5. Just a quick update as of todays date so that you do not think I have ignored suggestions.
    I have email'd direct and have also had French friends in Paris email SGA, but as yet no response received.
    Owen Ap Benfro
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    If you go to the cemetery, ask to see their interment book. They will have recorded the date of when the airmen were removed and to where. I viewed the book in Sutton Road Cemetery some years ago> It was covered in dust and obviously hadn't been looked at for years. They had recorded the transferring of the German dead to Cannock Chase.
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    Have you thought to ask the French Embassy - perhaps the Military attache could research if they were repatriated and/or where they ended up. If they were repatriated I would have thought the embassy would need to have documents to cover the action

    Contact Us

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    Thanks for the update - didnt realise


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