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    Flt Lt Dennis Caudrey RAFVR 630 Squadron Service No.112387 was lost on 23 Nov 43 flying on a bombing raid on Berlin. Can anyone tell me anything about his aircraft and this raid? He's a relative so I've got all his other details, CWGC, Runymede Memorial etc. I'd just like some info on this raid and how his aircraft was lost. Many thanks.
  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Caudrey D E Flying Officer 1943-11-23 630 Sqd
    [​IMG] Lancaster III JB135 LE-L East Kirby to Berlin

    Redirect Page

    Final Mission

    Took off from East Kirkby at 1706 hrs on 23rd Novembert 1943 for operations in Berlin. Little is known of the last flight as the aircraft was lost without trace. All are commemorated on the Runnymede memorial. Sgt Goulding's parents lived in Seattle USA.

    see here >> JB135
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    That was quick and thanks very much. Hadn't got the aircraft number or crew before but the rest confirms what I had been told. I suppose I was rather hoping one of the other aircraft might have seen what happened and reported it.
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    A little extra detail JB135 first to 57 Sqn del'd 23-8-43 DX-?, then to 630 Sqn del'd 15-11-43 Squadron Code LE-L, SOC 28-11-43
    Whilst they may have crashed on land, the absence of any identified remains could infer they crashed into the sea, presumably on home leg, possibly through damaged fuel tanks etc
    Appears to be one of 28 lost that night, so a pretty grim time
    Inglis was previously on strength with 207 Squadron;
    Goulding also commemorated on Halton RoH
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    Many thanks.
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    This crew were on their 2nd op with 630sqdn when lost. They were initially in B Flight of 57sqdn before the whole flight of 9 crews were sent to form 630sqdn. Dennis Caudrey was posted in to 57sqdn on 1st Sept 43 with the crew of F/O R.K. Eggins, he flew one op with Eggins, 3rd Sept to Berlin, he then went on to fly with the Howe crew to Hanover 22nd Sept, Frankfurt 4th Oct, Stuttgart 7th Oct, Hanover 8th Oct, Kassel 22nd Oct. Whole crew posted to 630sqdn on 15th Nov, and flew two ops, Berlin 18th Nov and Berlin 23rd Nov from which they did not return.
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    Many thanks. The depth and range of knowledge of you all is amazing.
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    The 630 Squadron records give the aircraft and crew details as above, and add " Night bombing attack on BERLIN. Missing without trace. Route believed - 5310N 0400E - 5240N 0910E - 5236N 1221E TARGET".

    The squadron summary of events for that month says of this operation "10 (TEN) aircraft took off carrying 10 x 4,000 H.C. & 11,700 x 4 INC & 720 x 30 INC. Some photographs showed fire tracks(?), weather was 8-10/10 cloud. Main concentration of bombing seemed to have been in city centre. A successful attack. Two aircraft were missing without trace piloted by PILOT OFFICER J.B. HOWE (15th SORTIE) and FLIGHT LIEUTENANT F.L. PERRERS (20th SORTIE). 3 (THREE) A/C returned early."

    If another aircraft had reported anything about the loss on returning from the operation, I suppose it would probably have been mentioned in these records. Worthwhile carrying on digging though, you never know what might turn up.

    Cheers, Pat
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    JB 135-630 Squadron, (lost without trace)

    The Crew List.

    Pilot P/O J.Howe RAF
    F/Engr Sgt N.J.Y. Goulding RAF
    Nav FL/O D.E. Caudrey RAF
    B/Aimer P/O A.J. Matthews RAF
    W/O Sgt T. W. Blanc RAF
    Mid/up/gun Sgt R Inglis RAF
    R/Gnr Sgt J.G. Smith RAF

    I suspect you may already have the crew list.Could'nt find anything on the planes final demise sofar.

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    Thanks very much it's amazing what's turned up already.
    Thanks as well - had got the crew list - see post 2 link.
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    Scanning through the thread quickly,did'nt notice it in Clive's post.

  12. FreddyGardner

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    Good afternoon,
    He is mentioned in some detail in the November 1943 narratives within the new 630 Squadron research website.

    No. 630 Squadron

    Best wishes
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  13. I know that several members have been in contact with Freddy concerning the 630 Squadron website and their own queries, I need to ask that if you havent heard back from him please let me know and I will get answers for you if we have them. Freddy is quite unwell at the moment.

    No. 630 Squadron

    kind regards Pete

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