Ex KOYLI later T/4699402 L/Cpl Ernest Buccilli 133 Coy RASC

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    My grandfather, Ernest Buccilli initially served as a mortar man and Bren gun driver in the KOYLI before he was re-badged to the RASC.
    He and his two brothers were in the same unit in the RASC who were DUKW drivers and landed on Sword Beach on D Day. They went on to Caen, before moving on to Germany. My grandfather was also in a unit that was at Belsen.
    He mentioned being in a Beach Group during the invasion and I have a photo of him with a panda formation patch on of the 9th Armoured Division.
    I also have a card sent to him from his mother, but it’s dated Jan 1946, so I’m not sure that the unit was the same as he initially went to France with ?
    The unit he was with in Jan 46 was:
    ‘B’ Platoon
    133 Coy RASC
    Armoured Div Troops
    Any help finding his unit when he was in Normandy/during the invasion would be greatly appreciated

    Lee Buccilli FB_IMG_1617114048087.jpeg FB_IMG_1617114063875.jpeg 20230522_213017.jpeg 20221215_231152.jpeg
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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  3. Welcome Lee!

    DUKW units which landed in SWORD Area on D Day were 101 , 299 and 'A' Pl, 633 GT Companies RASC.

    Because on the photo you posted showing who I suppose are your grandfather and his two brothers they are wearing the 21 Army Group formation badge, I would think they were part of the latter. The other two Coys used the Beach Group badge instead (but 633 Coy was also under command of 101 Beach Sub Area on D Day).

    See Missing-Lynx-Ford GPA & DUKW's and
    633 Coy General Transport in Normandy

    The only way to be sure would be to have his Service Records, as CL1 suggested.

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