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    I was wondering if you could tell me what info my dad needed in order to enlist in the army. I have his dad 214 and just needed to see what I D or info he used to enlist.
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    Welcome to the forum. Your " dad 214" = DD Form 214.

    First Peacetime Draft Enacted Just Before World War II > U.S. Department of Defense > Story

    US national archives, NARA, have many useful links.

    Request Military Service Records

    This online thesis examines whether background checks were carried out.


    e.g. page 26 has this example:

    "After affirming his birth date as 8 August 1926, as opposed to the real date of 8 August 1930, he was sent home with papers for his father to sign. In order to get the required signature, he would have to mail the paperwork. The boys went back to their town and headed for the post office. There Webb signed his father’s name and mailed the papers back to the Navy. He never spoke to his father about his decision."
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