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    Alfred Wintle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If so, I'm impressed.

    "Stop dying at once and when you get up, get your bloody hair cut" - Wintle to Trooper Cedric Mays (Royal Dragoons), who recovered and lived to the age of 95.

    "Great War peace signed at last." - Wintle's diary, 19 June 1919
    "I declare private war on Germany." - Wintle's diary, 20 June 1919
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    I enjoyed reading that :D
    Column 5 in the attachment reports on his C-M
    "...he became a bit of a nuisance because he wanted to go and fight"

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    Distrust any officer with a perfect or near perfect record of efficiency reports. He is conforming to the existing value system and will have no interest in changing it.

    Look carefully at a man who gets low marks on "tact" and who "deviates from accepted doctrine." He may be creative.

    An officer who gets low marks on loyalty is especially valuable, for he is unwilling to acquiesce to his superior's policies without debate. He is likely to have an independent mind.
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    Generalleutnant Ernst Gunter Baade

    I was going to start a new thread on this man because he was such a character, but noticed that he has already been referred to in this thread at Messages # 9 and 10.

    In Chapter 11, 'The Battle for Sicily - Steeping Stone to Victory' (Ian Blackwell) it states:

    He was the recipient of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.

    He also died on the last day of WWII. He was wounded in the neck and lower leg by a phosphorus projectile on 24 April 1945 when his Kübelwagen was strafed by a British fighter aircraft near Neverstaven, Holstein. He was taken to a hospital at Bad Segeberg, where he succumbed to gangrene on 8 May 1945.


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    Most Canadian soldiers couldn't match the peculiarities of the PM:

    "Eccentric William Lyon Mackenzie King served a total of 22 years as Prime Minister of Canada. After he died in 1950 the public learned that he was a spiritualist and would hold séances in his home, seeking guidance from his dead mother, his dogs and colourful deceased personalities from Leonardo da Vinci to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The fact that he owned and used both a Ouija board and a crystal ball was published in Time Magazine in 1953."

    Ironically, Major General Tom Churchill, Mad Jack' s older brother, served in the Adriatic and teamed up with Tommy Fuller from time to time. Fuller was possibly the most eccentric Canadian naval officer.
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    I can't read the word "eccentric" without thinking of my late boss "Loopy Kennard" of whom I have written much in the past.

    No apologies for giving this story another airing.

    Another tale jumps to mind.......

    In "Loopy" Kennard's biography (as ex CO 4th QOH) he tells a story of a post war visit from a Brigadier.

    Loopy was sitting on his private "Thunderbox" when the Brigadier visited the camp and demanded to see him immediately.

    The Adjutant, knowing that Loopy was otherwise engaged said "He won't be a minute" to which the Brigadier, fed up with waiting, replied "Get him now !.... I havn't got all day !"

    Loopy's reply, heard by all, was "Tell the Brigadier I can only deal with one sxxt at a time !"

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    A double Wintle treat:

    The Great Man Himself on Desert Island Discs

    A Dramatisation of his Life: The Last Englishman:

    This part from DBF's article above is to the point:

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    More on Wintle from The Times, August 28th 1940:

    It sounds from the report that practically everybody sympathised with him!

    (Fifth column: COURT-MARTIAL ON MAJOR)

    Edit: I'm a fool--I thought the article was one of the many I downloaded myself, but I now see it was from DBF's post above!

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    What a great quote in that Desert Island Discs episode "I'm never bored when I'm present".

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