Driver George Newton, RASC

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    While searching for other information......I spotted this article on Driver George Newton, RASC.....who seems to have escaped a POW Camp and remained “at liberty” for two years before being re-captured....I’m not sure if anyone has posted on this but his must be an interesting story......

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    He escaped again:

    The National Archives Reference: WO 208/3327/3027

    Description: Driver G Newton (service number T/162607).

    Service: Army, RASC [Royal Army Service Corps].

    Escaped from working party attached to Stalag VIIIB, Lamsdorf, and contacted Allied Forces.

    Possible information on this individual (including appendices) may be present in WO 208/5582-5583.

    The work camp was at Ragesfeld

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    Casualty Lists states he went missing 21 May 1940, France
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