Donald Michael Henry, Merchant Navy

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    I have the following information from Fallen Heroes of WW2: The Men and Women on Southport’s War Memorial:


    Details from Book of Remembrance
    Henry, Donald M. – Able Seaman Merchant Navy, SS. Matovic

    Information found on Commonwealth War Graves site
    Not found

    Information found in local newspapers
    Southport Guardian: 29/5/1943 – Page 1, includes picture
    Official news has this week reached Mrs Henry 31A Everton Road that her only son 4th
    Motorman Donald Michael Henry is reported missing believed killed after being torpedoed. He
    was almost 18 and had served with the Merchant Navy for 2 years. Before joining the service
    Donald was a member of the ATC and subsequently was one of the youngest volunteers for the
    Home Guard.

    Additional Information
    Searched GRO Marine Deaths Index from 1939 – 48 but no D Henry found
    Searched GRO Deaths Index for Naval Ratings and Officers but no D Henry found​

    I've had a look myself but can't find any record of his death, only the following entry in the probate calendar:


    Birth was registered at Ormskirk, April-June 1925, parents were Michael Henry and Hilda Winifreda Ibison married in 1923. I think I've found the family in the 1939 Register at 90 Zetland Street, Southport, but details for the children are hidden.

    Posting here in case anyone can shed some light on this.
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    He is not listed in the UK, Shipping and Seamen WWII Rolls of Honour, 1914-1945 (BT 339/1-2) or (BT 339/2-4), nor in the Deaths at Sea Index or Register (BT 334).

    Nothing more in my files regarding this seaman but looks like a case of non-commemoration. I have asked Billy and Roger to take a look.

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  4. Hugh,
    Seems there are a few other British Seamen, leastways with British sounding names and who are not listed as Yugoslavian. FRANK LACKNER O/S< WILLIAM TIMKAY Mess Room Boy< ALBERT McDAVID Galley Boy, who were lost with this ship and are not commerated by CWGC.
    Seems she was requisitioned in Gibraltar in 1940, so there is a good chance she has Logbooks and Crew Agreements in BT387. Let's see what Billy has. If he has nothing on them, I will attempt to view her Crew Agreement next time I am at Kew.

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    Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it.
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    Nothing in my files. Hopefully her Log Books & Crew Agreements have survived.
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