Does anyone have a copy of Map 92A?

Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by Matt Poole, Nov 2, 2020.

  1. Matt Poole

    Matt Poole Member

    Greetings fellow aficionados of a past entanglement on foreign soil a few decades back. I haven't been logged on in a while...because I've been hyperfocused on other projects...or else cowering in fear that some evil virus, on the prowl, will succeed in seeking out my lungs and immune system. (So far, no issues, thankfully.)

    I noticed a question about an RAF Hudson crash posted on 1 Nov 2020 on the Facebook site "RAF in Burma India & SEAC - WWII research", found here:

    I'd like to check a wartime map of the area where the aircraft came down, just in case the military grid on the wartime map is different than the 1958 map used for the research. Possibly the '58 map, which I know was based, in part, on the wartime map or maps of the area, does have the same grid as on the wartime map, but sometimes grids changed as new datums were established. It can get very confusing, but sufice it to say that a grid reference of NR5045 on a 1940s map may not be the same location as NR5045 on a map printed in 1958.

    I quickly looked through the forum, on threads I'd contributed to, but I saw no references to map 92A (whose lower left corner is 27 degrees North, 96 degrees East, in northern Burma. This is the 1:126,720 map covering the crash area.

    Fingers crossed that someone has this baby!


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  2. Bedee

    Bedee Well-Known Member

    Matt, the Facebook page is not public, so we see only the picture.
    But about the maps,

    On the Australian governmental website you will find a 92A map from 1938 maybe this can help you in the search.
    Some other Burma maps you will find on McMaster.

    And have a look in the WW2Talk topograhic maps tool
  3. High Wood

    High Wood Well-Known Member


    welcome back. I do not have the 1/4" 92 A map but I do have copies of the 1" 92 A/1 and 92 A/2 maps. 5045 appears to be located on the Digaru River in the Sadiya Frontier Tract. If this is of any help I can post some photographs of the area.

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  4. Richard Lewis

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    92A is a 1:253,440 scale map, which Bedee has found. NR5045 is on the lower left hand edge of this map. The adjacent map being 83M.

    The 1:126,720 maps covering the same area are 92A/NE, SE, SW & NW. The map for NR5045 is 92A/SW, which I can’t see is available on-line. The adjacent map being 83M/SE.

    The grid used on these wartime maps was India Zone IIB, and post war maps usually used the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system. However the 1958 map of the area NG47/1 Putao from the University of Texas uses India Zone IIB so NR5045 is the same location.

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  5. Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis Member

    Simon, that is NM5045 not NR5045. :) NR5045 is to the south!

  6. High Wood

    High Wood Well-Known Member

    Thank you for putting me right, the map that we need is either 92 A/3 or 92 A/4.

    My map reading skills, or lack of them, would help to explain the failure of my ill fated expedition to find the source of the River Clun. I had previously explained it away by the loss of so many of my Sherpas whilst crossing the B4368 near the White Horse public House.

    Best wishes,

  7. Matt Poole

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    Thanks, Bedee, Simon, and Richard. Sheepishly, I must admit that I didn't double-check the scale of 92A when I posted late, and in a rush (and my career was in mapping and charting...or so I claim). Anyway, my scale mistake IS [that's an edit...adding a missing word] a moot point, as Lewis has confirmed that the Army Map Service 1:250,000 printed in 1958 uses the same India Zone IIB grid as the wartime maps, so for my purposes, that solves the mystery and I will pass the word along. Oh, I see that Jagan Pillarisetti has been following this thread, so he's the one who was investigating the Hudson crash location.

    Bedee, I haven't gone to the Australian site yet, but I know I went there years ago and found that the resolution wasn't sharp enough for my needs. That was a while ago. I'll find out soon enough if this is still the case, as I will momentarily check it out. I won't be paying for any map downloads, though!

    And, yes, the area of the Hudson crash was in 92A/4.

    I knew I'd get positive feedback by posting here, and it happened swiftly. Also typical. Thanks again!

    Lastly, Bedee, I posted before I'd thought of adding a note that possibly viewers wouldn't be able to see the Facebook posting to which I'd linked because it was a closed group. The possibility did enter my peabrain, though!
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  8. Matt Poole

    Matt Poole Member

    Bedee, I'm impressed that the resolution of the map (maps) on the Australian site is excellent. I'm quite thrilled, really, so another thanks goes out to you.

    AND I can't thank you enough for pointing out that spectacular ww2Talk map tool. A huge WOW! Should have discovered it sooner, but learning now is still wonderful!
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  9. Hebridean Chindit

    Hebridean Chindit Lost in review...

    Matt... I hit the "download" button and it gave me a fairly large zip file which appears to have pretty good resolution... no shekels were harmed during this operation... :D
  10. Matt Poole

    Matt Poole Member

    Thanks for that tidbit, HebChin (obviously, I'm too lazy to type "Hebridean Chindit" :peepwalla:). To be honest, for map 92A (and also for 83M) I displayed the subset of the map that I was most interested in saving, took a screen copy, opened the "Paint" software program on my computer, (which I frequently use to create jpegs from screen copies), pasted/displayed/cropped the screen copy, and saved as a jpeg.

    But it's excellent to know that I can download the full map in a good resolution, at least from the Australian archive (maybe other sources, too - to be discovered soon, since I'll be investigating).
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  11. Hebridean Chindit

    Hebridean Chindit Lost in review...

    Been called worse. Matt... :D
    Old habits with me... download the resource now... rant later when the door has closed and you can't... ;)

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