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Discussion in 'Durham Light Infantry' started by stevep360, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. stevep360

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    Hi all newbie here looking into getting some information on my grandfather. I have emailed the DLI records office but so far no response.

    I am searching for details on my grandfather whom I think served in the DLI 50th Division.

    His name was Joseph Martin McHugh, and he served in Egypt and can remember him talking about Mersa Matruh. During the war my Grandmother received a letter to say that he was Missing In Action (presumed dead), only for the regiment to subsequently account for him.

    Is there anywhere online I could find any further information? My surfing skills are poor at best.

    Many Thanks

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  2. Mr Jinks

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  3. stevep360

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    many many thanks
  4. stevep360

    stevep360 Member

    Mail came back as undeliverable, oh well, thanks anyway
  5. Tricky Dicky

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  6. minden1759

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    If he turns out to be 16 DLI, get in touch.


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  7. stevep360

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    thanks Franks will do.
  8. stevep360

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    I dont know his service number so cant apply online to MOD , anyone any ideas how i could find this?
  9. Tricky Dicky

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    You do not need his service number to apply for his records - its helps but is not vital, the most important document is a copy of his death certificate - the office works on date of birth not service number

  10. Mr Jinks

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    I have started a conversation .The contact details on his site are working okay he is awaiting your questions :)

  11. stevep360

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    Just resent email, thanks so much, just made some headway on forces war records website so now have service number, Very excited for my mum to get some more information :-D
  12. stevep360

    stevep360 Member






    Incident Details:

    Reported to War OBce Casualty Section for the 24 hours ending at 09:00.

    Incident Date:



    Casualty List No. 284.



    Service Number:

    Duty Location:

  13. Steve Mac

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    Welcome to the forum, Steve.

    If your grandfather was with the Durham Light Infantry and in 50 Div, he was in either the 6th, 8th or 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry, 151st Infantry Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division.

    Where did he live, e.g. Gateshead, Spennymoor, Sunderland, etc.? We may be able to narrow the search with such information!


  14. stevep360

    stevep360 Member

    He was from Northumberland (ashington)
  15. Steve Mac

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    It would have been more usual for someone from Ashington to be a Royal Northumberland Fusilier. However, he has a service number from the Durham Light Infantry number block allocation, so he must have enlisted/been posted directly into the DLI.

    You really need those service records - see TD’s posts no. 5 and 9.


  16. stevep360

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    Yes, have applied for his birth certificate today so i'll send it off to the MOD when it returns. Will post any info I receive back here, thanks for all you guys help. Been great getting more info.
  17. Tricky Dicky

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    I think its his death certificate that they need - you might need to check that

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  18. Tony56

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    Steve, just for clarification the casualty list details that you quote in your post #12 above, the date of 17 August 1940 is date of the list and NOT the incident date, for your grandfather it is 'Date not reported'. For what it is worth the other DLI soldiers on the same list the casualty date given is 10 May - 16 June.

    You need not worry too much about your surfing skills as there is very little on individual service men online - as has been suggested his service records are the only way to go. Read the application form for the process.
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  19. stevep360

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    yeah my mistake thats what i meant

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