DLI Commandos in Burma

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    I finished this section for my website a while back and although it has been mentioned on the forum a couple of times, I thought it would be sensible to place it up on here with its own thread:

    DLI Commandos
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    Great job you've done. Well done.

    Rob. :D
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    That's an excellent read/site. That's going to help fill this drizzly day up.

    Are any of these men with the DLI part of your research? Their Wills are available on the Scotlandspeople website. Just listed as dying in ME, apart from Thomas Hunter, which states Burma.

    Pte Andrew Barbour 2/11/42 3133790
    Pte John Campbell 12/6/42 2987507
    Pte Thomas Hunter 28/4/44 3132624
    Cpl William Martin 7/12/41 2987692
    Pte Charles Stevenson 2/11/42 2383458

    If not, hopefully somebody will be looking for them in the future. - Maria
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    Thanks all for the positive comments and reaction.
  5. bamboo43

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    Hi Maria,

    None of the men listed are connected to my research sadly. Thanks as always for taking the time to list them though and as you mention, they might well be needed by someone in the near future.

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    Excellent work on this website , at the DLI Archive we are most grateful for your efforts .
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    Not Chindits but

    3133790 Pte Andrew Barbour Enlisted in the Royal Scots Fusiliers posted to 11th Bn The Durham Light Infantry 26/6/40, Served briefly in Iceland then posted to the Middle East with 8th Bn DLI. Initially reported missing 2/11/1942. Now known to be have been KiA 2/11/1942 El Alamein .

    2987507 Pte John Campbell Enlisted Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders" Posted DLI Missing whilst wounded 10/06/1942 served with 6th DLI later confirmed died of Wounds 12/6/42

    3132624 Pte Thomas Hunter Enlisted Royal Scots Fusiliers . Transferred DLI Served 2nd DLI Wounded 23/04/1944 remaining on duty .Wounded and reported Missing on the 29/04/1944 Burma . later found to have been KiA on 28/4/44

    2987692 Cpl William Martin Originally enlisted Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders .Served with 1st Bn Durham Light Infantry Killed in Action 7/12/41 Tobruk/El Duda.

    2383458 Pte Charles Stevenson enlisted Royal Corps of Signals .Transferred DLI . Killed in Action El Alamein 2/11/42. No known grave. Served with 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry.

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    Herbert Fordy and Henry Gosling both ended up in the H.Q. Coy of the 1st Btn. King's Regiment and are on the Defence Medal Roll for that Coy.
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    Thanks to everyone who has replied to this thread. I have received some new information about several of the men involved, both from members on the forum and from outside this domain.
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