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  1. I am a wargamer with some modelling skills. I would like to build a couple of British and German vehicles, in 1/72nd or 1/76 scale, to act as vehicle and tank recovery from the western desert battlefield. I have the SHQ and a Trux Scammel SV2, a few Airfix Scammel tank transporters and a tank transporter from SHQ. I would like to build a couple of gantry lorries for this purpose, (LAD vehicles?) I am aware of the use of the Airfix Emergency set for this job but do not have any pictures of the interior of the flat bed or the crane arrangement, (except covered with a 'I' section beam sticking out of one or other end). I would be able to scratchbuild such an arrangement but would prefer to source a complete item.

    The german version, I assume, is a halftrack with a bilson crane, would I be correct in this?
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    Repair & maintenance: FAMO Sd.Kfz 9/1 with 6-ton Bilstein crane

    Recovery: FAMO Sd.Kfz. 9 with Sonderanhänger 116
  3. Tjank you. Looking through my plastics collection I have a German tank transporter with half track, I just have to find the German 1/2 track with bilstein crane.
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    The Austin 6 X 4 as in the old Airfix was a late war vehicle. There were earlier versions used in N.Africa. Trux Models made these with detailed body but production ceased 15 years ago. There should be a scale drawing and description of the body somewhere on this forum. Try entering breakdown gantry in the search box. I will look further as time allows. Rather busy at the moment.

  5. Thank you Mike. As soon as you posted that I remembered something else I had read about the Airfix emergency set, (the fire engine being too early for the period) and this affecting what you can use it on for conversions for early vehicles.

    I am planning to use these vehicles to make a wargame based around post battle vehicle recovery.

    I have sourced a number of vehicles from my collection and have aimed for the AEC Matador recovery field conversion from elsewhere on this site, a captured British breakdown gantry used by the Gemans, (also on this site) and taken the opportunity to build my SHQ Ruxtall Tank Transporter, Airfix Tank Transporters and Trux Scammell SV2 breakdown vehicle. The Germans will have a few maintenance vehicles/cars, the Sdkfz 9 and trailer from Trumpeter and I have discovered a bilston crane on the back of a truck from Sgts Mess Miniatures .

    My question is what colours would the Airfix tank transporters be? I intend them to be based in 1941 to 1942. I have the books on 'The Caunter Scheme' & 'Alamein and After' by Mike Starmer. Although this time line may not be perfectly historically accurate I am willing to sacrifice this for the purposes of the game.
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    1941-42 is kind of fuzzy since it includes everything from Bardia and Beda Fomm to El Alamein. I'm not sure what you mean by "not perfectly historically accurate". Do you mean in terms of when vehicles were available or a mix & match of camouflage patterns? Some Stuarts used in late '41 were painted in Caunter. Well, I bet you know that as you have Mike's books.
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  8. Hello Chris, 'historically accurate' was meant to mean that in comparison to the completed models I have seen on this site where dates and units have been quoted I am aiming for a wargaming unit which will not look 'out of place' on the wargames table but avoid any glaring mistakes with its construction and painting. I realise camouflage patterns changed but I would like to avoid the wargamers pitfall of painting everything 'desert yellow' as it is called,(portland or light stone).
  9. Thanks Mike. I now have a list of what would be packed in the vehicle so can look tbrough my bits box.

    I have found the 'Scammel' part of this site so will ask for a picture of the inside of the rear of a Scammel SV2. I have started the Airfix Tank transporter and cleaned up the Trux Scammel. I am also cleaning up a Scammel gun tractor as the SHQ item has some pitting in it which needs to be filled in.

    I am considering placing making these models on my blog as I am making some efforts to make them more 'wargames friendly' so have to be more robust for a game. They will be on a thin magnetic base to protect them for storage as well.
  10. I have started the various recovery vehicles I intend to use for the 'recovery' wargame I hope to arrange. What colour is the the inside of the cab of the scamell Airfix tank transporter and scamell Pioneer recovery vehicles please? I have searched the internet and not found anything of much help and am torn between white, (as inside tanks), or the portland or light stone of the possible colour of the outside?
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    Depends where the truck came from. If it was in use in UK before being takwn to North Africa, it would probably be repainted on arrival - on the outside, so the inside would still be Khaki Green G3 (most likely for 1941), or SCC2 (brown) late 41 and 42. If the vehicle was painted in a basic sand colour by the manufacturer, then the inside would be the same colour. Me, I lke a bit of variety so I'd give it a green or brown inside! Definitely not white.
  12. Thank you Chris. I am tending towards a variety as well as it will break up the wall to wall desert sand and be a talking point. Thank you.

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