Decca Navigator at D-Day

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by Roy Martin, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. Roy Martin

    Roy Martin Senior Member

    A friend has bought one of the Decca Navigator sets of the type that was used for the 5/6 June 1944. His is number 19, is there a list of which numbered sets were fitted on which ship?
  2. BC610E

    BC610E Junior Member

    Hi Roy,

    You may have already seen this site: there is some info and pictures on WW2 Decca there, including a picture of the WW2 QM receiver with "ML 1383" chalked on the front, which may be Motor Launch 1383.

    As an old "Deccaman" I'd be very interested to see a photo of your friend's acquisition. The QM photo is from the collection of Walter Blanchard who was also an ex- Decca employee and may be able to tell you more.


  3. Roy Martin

    Roy Martin Senior Member

    Hi 610E,

    Herewith Alan Watson's set. He knows Walter Blanchard.


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  4. BC610E

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    Thanks Roy,

    That looks to be just the Deccometer lane display, one Red and the other Green aka gas-meters. Did he get the receiver with the display?

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