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  1. old bill

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    Apologies if this has been covered before, but...

    Is there a listing for recipients of the DCM anywhere (TNA, etc) for the Second World War. Apart from the individual's file, is there anyway of confirming that they recieved this award. I've had a look through the on-line Gazette but seem to be drawing a blank.

    Many thanks

    Old Bill
  2. dbf

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  3. old bill

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    Hello Diane

    I'd not tried that - didn't even know that was on the NA site. Many, many thanks.

    He's not coming up so it seems he didn't recieve the DCM after all!!! Very frustrating.

    thanks again

    Old Bill
  4. Jedburgh22

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    Depends who he was serving with some awards were not Gazetted if they were SF, SIS, SOE etc
  5. dbf

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    Old Bill, there are omissions. 2 of us tried to find MM entry - one of the veterans here knew the recipient. There's a thread on here somewhere where I noted an entire Gazette list that seems to have been omitted.

    On the other side, I found one unindexed MiD in with his comrade's MC recommendation.

    Don't complete all the fields and don't type in the whole unit name, as these can have variations, eg I chose sometimes to type 'Irish' rather than Irish Guards for regiment.

    First names can sometimes be unhelpful Jack/John, etc and sometimes initials are used.

    So try vague combos

    Like surname,
    one part of the regiment's name that can't be abbreviated
    Conduct (just for the medal name)

    If you have his army no. try that by itself first.
  6. dbf

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    Geoff has produced lists by theatre and by file no. for WW2 recommendations which you can search through the easy way using your computer shortcuts -
    Geoff's WO 373 lists

    or, why not post what you know up here and see if others can find something?
  7. Drew5233

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    I have a book that claims to list all the DCM's of WW2. I'll have access to it in a week when I unpack. Also try searching using just the unit and medal and then again with the military medal. Sometimes the names and medal are listed wrong on the National Archives SE.

    Alternatively as Diane has suggested, post the name, unit etc and some of use may have a bit more luck.
  8. old bill

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    Hi guys

    sorry for the delay. Many, many thanks for the advice. So its not as simple as it seems - damned computer systems!!

    I'll have another crack at it. Excellent advice from you folks.


  9. eddie chandler

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    If you give me the name I'll check to see if I have a reference of him in my DCM register

    Eddie Chandler

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