CWGC Kranji Military Cemetery: pics of c1400 graves now available.

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    CWGC Kranji Military Cemetery: pics of c1400 graves now available.

    There are 2 separate cemeteries contained within the same land area at CWGC Kranji (Singapore):

    1. Kranji War Cemetery: The main area itself, containing c4500 WW2 graves plus various memorials including the Singapore Memorial (engraved with c25,000 names).

    2. In addition, there is a separate area (over the brow of the hill in the top right-hand corner) called Kranji Military Cemetery, with c1400 graves covering both pre/post WW2 periods i.e c1910 to c1939 and c1946 to c1985-95.
    note: many, if not most of these graves were originally at Pasir Panjang and Ulu Pandan cemetries and were moved to their present location in the mid-1970's.

    Even though ww2talk is dedicated to WW2 graves, I felt it appropriate to photograph all the graves here, mainly because of the historical 'content' and very interesting 'mix' i.e it contains many military graves from the Borneo and Indonesian Conflicts including those of men and women who were serving in SE Asia (in times of peace) and sadly, the graves of wives/mothers/children. There are many children buried here!

    All above images are now available - FREE - to family members, relatives, researchers and historians. When asked, I normally suggest that you make a donation to a Forces Charity of your own choice.

    Please contact me - with your requirements - via my email; nt872b(at)

    Cemeteries already completed - includes all graves/names on memorials* (as of December 2012):

    BORNEO/MALAYSIA(EAST): Labuan Island and all memorials
    BURMA: Rangoon, Taukkyan*, Thanbyuzayat Cemeteries and all memorials
    CAMBODIA: Postwar Forum: Killing Fields - Choeung Ek - and S.21 - Tuoll Sleng Genocide Museum
    CHINA/HK: Sai Wan, Stanley, Happy Valley - 12 cemeteries in total and all memorials
    INDIA: Kohima, both cemeteries at Imphal and all memorials
    INDONESIA: Jakarta War Cemetery, Ancol Cemetery, Ambon Cemetery and all memorials
    ISRAEL: Ramlah and Khayat Beach Cemeteries and all memorials
    JAPAN: Yokohama Cemetery, British Commonwealth Forces Cemetery and all memorials
    THAILAND: Kanchanaburi, Chung Kai Cemeteries and all memorials
    MALAYSIA (WEST): Taiping, Cheras Road, Terendak Cemeteries and all memorials
    PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Port Moresby, Lae, Rabaul Cemeteries and all memorials
    SINGAPORE: Kranji War Cemetery*, Kranji Military Cemetery and all memorials
    SRI LANKA/CEYLON: Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Trincomalee Cemeteries and all memorials
    VIETNAM (Postwar Forum: VC/ARVN cemeteries, Reunification Palace, HCMC museums and Qu Chi tunnels )
    *note: above includes all c25,000 names on the Kranji/Singapore Memorial and all c27,000 names on the Taukkyan/Rangoon Memorial

    BUCKLT :poppy: Asia War Graves Photo Group and now, since January 2017:

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