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    I'm trying to trace relatives of Cpl Don Winer. He was from Ontario and served in India during WW2. Cpl Winer went on a trek through Sikkim, the foothills of the Himalayas with Cpl Peter R.B. Deakin in November 1944.

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    Welcome aboard. This is a fascinating website and can often help - sometimes quickly.

    Do you have his full name , date of birth (DoB), Service Number, unit known to be assigned to and a home address in WW2 in Ontario?

    I am puzzled at what appears to be an Army uniform, minus to my eye any identification features. Canadians I know did serve in British forces, though only officers in some Army formations. Caveat: not my area of focus. I have a vague memory of RCAF units being in India.

    Others hopefully will know more.

    The definitive answer to your questions will be to obtain his Canadian Service Record. We have some Canadian members who can advise on that.
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    There is a current thread on Don and another on a website I don't frequent. It opens with:
    Link: Don (Donald) Winer (born c. 1920) from Ontario & Jeff Marples from B.C.
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    Thank you!

    I don’t know very much about Don Winer other than he went on the Sikkim trek in November 1944. He was accompanied by Cpl P. Deakin (Air Forces in India) and Cpl E. Geoff Marples (RCAF).

    Possible match is a John Donald Winer from Ontario b. 1920 d. Hamilton, Ontario in 1988.

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    Hi Debbie,

    Can you say where your uncle was stationed when these events occurred? Specifically his unit.

    You should know that the Hamilton Spectator newspaper isn't carried by any of the pay sites so there might be some information on Mr Winer if he was the man you're looking for. You can ask the Hamilton Public Library for a scan of his obituary. Contact Us | HPL


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    Hi Debbie Don Winer was my father-in-law, sadly he passed away in 1988. I think you have been in contact with my nephew in B.C. He has passed on a couple of photo that I believe you sent him. Don made a small scrapbook about his trek which is at his daughters house, she is away untill the end of this month. When she is home I will see if there are any photos of the other men that you mentioned. If there is anything else I can help you with please contact me. Jan
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    Jan welcome to the forum
    Debbie has not been on the forum for a few months. I have sent her a message to make her aware of your post.
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    Hi Jan, I think we were in contact last October on Ancestry about Don Winer :)
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    Hi Debbie My sister in law is now home so I will get the book that Don Winer made about the trek he made in India. Jan

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