Corporal Thomas, Leslie Manders (4200113) 6 RWF

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    Can anyone help? On August 30th 1944 disaster struck for three members oof the British armed forces.

    During the advance through the forest surrounding the village of Lyons la Forêt otherwise known as the forêt domainale de Lyons, a vehicle hit a german landmine causing the death of three soldiers. As of yet these three are not identified although there is a strong possibility they are from 53rd (Welch) reconnaissance Regiment.

    It is believed now that these guys were buried in a field in Lorleau, a small hamlet close to Lyons La Forêt. I recently met the mayor of Lorleau and he in turn introduced me to several residents of the village who seemed to know something about what happened. However, one thing that was mentioned was that there was possibly a fourth person that was buried in an ajoining field. Now, it has been brought to my attention that the fourth person could have been Corporal Thomas Leslie Manders of C company 6th Batallion of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

    It appears that he died on August 30th 1944, which is the same date as the other three. Does anyone have copies of documents or other regimental material which confirm details of his death? I know that he was fatally wounded during the battle at Caen but other than that I know nothing else.

    Any infoormation surrounding this poor unfortunately would be much appreciated. If it can be confirmed that he was buried in Lorleau then I will see that a proposal is put forward to remember him in the hamlet of Lorleau. His body now lies to rest in Bannevill-La-Campagne.
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    Simple answer is... no. Annoyingly don't have 6 RWF history to hand, no mention of it in history tho', however on that day they crossed the Seine south of Rouen - possible he even died in a hospital.

    According to Graves Concentration Report he was initially buried near Boulon (near Saint Laurent de Condel) which... very strongly (so strongly I have no doubt) means the date of death is a pure coincidence.

    Also Welsh/Welch is other way around (although technically 53 Recce was a Welsh Recce Regt... but not in title).
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    Cheers Swiper. II will look into that as I have been having probs with CWGC's website recently.
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    Just for info

    UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
    Name: Thomas Manders
    Given Initials: T L
    Rank: Corporal
    Death Date: 30 Aug 1944
    Number: 4200113
    Birth Place: Nottinghamshire
    Residence: Nottinghamshire
    Branch at Enlistment: Infantry
    Theatre of War: Western Europe Campaign, 1944/45
    Regiment at Death: Royal Welch Fusiliers
    Branch at Death: Infantry

  5. Oldleg

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    Tricky, cheers for that. Can anyone confirm the exact location of his death?
  6. Drew5233

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    From the battalion war diary
  7. Oldleg

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    Drew, that is fantastic!!! Is this from the Royal Welch (or Welsh)? I can't quite read the comment for 08.45 though or the last sentence in the last comment on 31st. What else is writen about their stay in Lyons up to the day they leave?

    Sorry, I am a prat!!! Just seen RWF!! What wolly!!!!

    Where can we find info about the death of Manders?

    What does SP stand for?
  8. Drew5233

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    He may get a mention in the Regiments Missing Men File covering the NWE Campaign at the National Archives. There's no mention in the regimental history by Kemp.

    SP ? Possibly Support Platoon?
  9. Oldleg

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    Drew, where were they on 25th?
  10. CL1

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    Sorry CL1, not quite sure what I am supposed to be looking at. That topic subject is mine and I might being dim but I am not sure what you want me to look at.
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    My grandfather was Sgt G Wilson A comp 6RWF and Manders was B company. Assuming they were good friends as he had this picture in his effects. I know he was at Caen and I suspect he was a victim of friendly bombing. Grandfather said a lot of men died of it…

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    I got that wrong, just checked and Caen friendly fire was Feb 45

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