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Discussion in 'Airborne' started by JDKR, Sep 30, 2020.

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    I notice that Colonel John Waddy, commander of B Company, 156 Parachute Battalion during the battle of Arnhem, died on 27 September. RIP.
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    Rest in peace and thank you
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    Thanks for posting this John, very much appreciated.

    Alas, another true gent gone, but such is the march of time.

    Kind regards, always remember, never forget,

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  4. BrianHall1963

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    It makes me smile to think of all these old guys ( all of the same character ) meeting up again
    In the afterlife what a mob god bless them all let’s drink to them all young and old
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  5. JimHerriot

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    From years gone by, happy memories, good people, kind people, always personable and personal (and their Christmas card list must have run into the hundreds, if not thousands)

    Plus, for the younger folks who may not have seen it before a good look at Colonel John doing one of the many things he loved, courtesy of YT.

    Fondly remembered, always. Not forgotten.


    All Saints' 1.jpg

    All Saints' 2.jpg

    All Saints' 3.jpg

    All Saints' 4.jpg

    Jack O' Knights 1.jpg

    Jack O' Knights 2.jpg
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    Thanks for sharing thatJim we need to keep their memories alive they are men of history

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