Colonel David Hart, Dieppe veteran, dies at 101

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    "Funeral services for Honorary Colonel David Hart, Canada's longest serving military officer and a hero of the 1942 Dieppe raid, will be held Sunday in Montreal. He died Wednesday at 101.

    His passing is felt far beyond the walls of the Ste-Catherine Street Armoury in Westmount, Que., where he was the soul of the 34 Signal Regiment, but the void his death leaves behind is perhaps most noticeable there.
    Inside the armoury, Col. Hart is immortalized in a painting by Montreal artist Adam Sherriff Scott. The artwork, which hangs on the wall of the mess hall, captures a moment of bravery as the Canadians were driven back by heavy German fire at Dieppe.
    His military career was remarkable for many reasons, not least of which was his 81 years of service. But what stands out is his heroic act in the Second World War, which ended up saving hundreds of Canadian lives."
    He was awarded the Military Medal.


    'When he spoke, people listened': 101-year-old WW II hero passes away | CBC News
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    Canuck....Military Medal..... what rank was Honorary Col Hart at Dieppe?

    Interesting event in the operation and worth recalling.
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