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    Hi all, having used forums in the past to research family in WW1, I am hoping to find luck here. I am currently researching my family tree, in particular my great-grandfathers brother, Peter Anthony Valentine born 1//7/13.

    Very little is known about him other than the story that has been passed down through the years. Peter served in Burma during ww2 as part of the Chindits. We have been told he was captured as a POW and also contracted malaria at one point, one memory is that later in life he constantly wore a heavy jacket and scarf even in the Summer as a result of the disease. There is a family member living abroad who has a photo of Peter and his unit, the photo is titled 5th British Field Coy Re India Command.

    Any information regarding Peter would be very helpful as I am struggling at the moment.
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    The best and really only way to start your research is to obtain his service records, these are obtainable ONLY from the MOD for WW2 soldiers and the forms you need are here Request records of deceased service personnel - you will need a copy of his death certificate to send along with the forms

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    What facts do you have that make you sure he was in Burma? what details have you the he was a POW, what have you that says he was in the Chindits?

    All the family trees for him on Ancestry have no connection to the Far East databases for POW's, and I cant find one either which is odd.Oby#taining his service records will provide you the base answers you are after

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    From this site created by one of our members - 5 Field Regiment RA - The Royal Artillery 1939-45 shows the Regiment you mention being captured in Feb 1942 (possibly not everyone of course), this date represents the surrender of Singapore. Following that the unit was reformed in 1943 and that was in the UK

    Chindit expeditions were in 1943 and 1944, so if he was a Japanese POW from 1942 it would be difficult for him to be a Chindit.

    Again to answer your question it is vital that his service records are obtained


    Order of battle of the Chindits - Wikipedia - no 5th Field Artillery mentioned

    JITTER PARTY Well-Known Member

    5 Field Company were part of 2 British Division. Nothing to do with Chindits or Field Regiments.
    Prisoner of War; not impossible, just very unlikely.
    Definitely best to apply for his service records.
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    5 Field Coy RE are Royal Engineers.
    5 Field Regt RA are Royal Artillery.
    They may have the same motto Ubique & both wear flaming bomb badges but they certainly are not the same.
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    Will be very difficult to obtain as he died in England and nobody here is in touch with his family, if indeed there is anyone left but I will certainly look into it.

    Really we have no evidence only what has been passed down. My grandmother said he once spoke of how warm the Burma jungles were and also wearing a funny broad hat that folded over on one side which I believe may be a slouch hat.
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    Obtain a copy of his death certificate
    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Peter Anthony Valentine
    Death Age: 69
    Birth Date: 1 Jul 1913
    Registration Date: Jul 1982
    [Aug 1982]
    [Sep 1982]
    Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep
    Registration District: Sefton
    Inferred County: Lancashire
    Volume: 37
    Page: 0201

    Take copies of the forms from post 2, fill them in, add a copy of his death certificate and send them off to the MOD - simples

    You do not need to be a member of the family, the MOD forms allow you to apply as a General Enquirer, however if you look down the Next of Kin forma then there are various levels you can choose

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    You can order death certificates here at the UK government site online. Cost £ 6 if they can deliver it by email or £ 11 min if they have to post it out (depends on age of event & not sure of charges if sending overseas). Free to register.

    If he left a will it will show here, again a govt site. Cost. £ 1.50 & you receive it by email.

    I have checked the membership forms online of the Burma Star Association & he does not appear, but of course not all Burma veterans joined.
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    That's great thank you for those links, very helpful!

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