Cecil Albert Playford 19th Field Regt RA, KIA 28/05/1940

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    Hi, I have been researching 806552 BSM Cecil Albert Playford who served with the 29/97 Battery, 19th Field Regiment and was killed in action on 28th May 1940 during the withdrawal to the Dunkirk perimeter.

    As far as I can establish the 19th withdrew with the rest of the 1st Division taking up positions at Les Moeres on the 27th May in the Dunkirk defensive perimeter. However, he is shown on his RA casualty card as having been KIA at Ypres but buried at a temporary burial ground at Watou a considerable distance away from his batteries positions and the only casualty from the regiment that day.

    I was hoping someone might have the war diary for the period to establish how he came to be in the Watou/Cassel/Ypres area away from his battery whether he had become separated in the general confusion of the withdrawal or was seconded to another unit.

    Thanks for any help
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    I've posted about the temporary burial ground at Watou on this site- WATOU, BELGIUM 1940

    I think it was predominantly used for casualties from the Cassel breakout on 29-20th May 1940, but in addition there were civilian and other military burials there. The site remains sacrosanct to this day, marked by untended tall trees as the locals at Watou have left it to re-wild since the bodies were re-interred in 1948-50

    Along with many (most) of the British burials at Watou, Cecil Playford was re-interred to CWGC Hotton in 1948
    Casualty Details | CWGC
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    I have copies of his Flemish burial records held by the Mayor of Watou's office:

    This is Cecil Playford's burial record dated 28/5/40 (in Flemish) held by the Mayor of Watou's office.

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    Hi John, I did see your post in my initial research and was very informative!
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