Casualty Lists: what does D.N.R. stand for?

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    My uncle Alfie was with the 1st Devonshires and wounded on 18th April 1944 in the five month battle around the Imphal plain between Burma and India. There are seven other Devonshires listed. Five show the date of 18th April 1944 and two say D.N.R. I can't find it listed in lists of Army abbreviations. Would it simply be Date Not Received? ie. the person drawing up the casualty list was only told that the man was a casualty? Many thanks for any help.

  2. Peter Clare

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    A possibility - Do Not Resuscitate.
  3. dbf

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    date not recorded?
  4. ploughman

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    Did not recover?
  5. RCG

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    Do Not Resuscitate. that is a much later abbreviation.
    Did not recover. then it would be D. O. W.
    Date not recorded. Very close.

    I suspect a badly written K.
    Then it would be
    Date Not Known. which is the most common abbreviation used on other records.
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  6. dbf

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    Yep, def a more commonly used abbreviation in that context.
  7. AB64

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    I've seen it a few times and definitely as DNR rather than DNK and have taken it as Date Not Reported/Recorded - whatever the actual words are the meaning seems to be basically that kind of thing.

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    I've had a look at a few of the ones I have downloaded and this example has the entry as "date not reported" - one of these is Private Cross, I have his paybook hence my interest in this page.


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  9. RCG

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    Thanks for that Allister.

    It would appear that D.N.R. Date not recorded would be the official term, and D.N.K. an unofficial one.

    Interesting that the two 2 bn Royal Norfolk’s listed missing.

    5770633 Griffen. J. E. Pte . Possibly survived the war as not listed killed or POW.

    5772978 Gunton. A. G. Pte . POW 577. Stalag XX-A Torun Poland.

    These two members of 2 bn Royal Norfolk’s died in the same period.

    5772972 Chandler. A. R. Pte. 10/5/40 to 19/6/40.

    5773186 Craske. F.E.J. 26/5/40

    Both on Dunkirk Memorial.
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    Here is a part-copy of the 13th King's MIA listing for 1943:

    DNR is used under the heading 'Date Missing'.

    DSC01940 copy.JPG
  11. KevinBattle

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    Sorry, RCG, but
    GRIFFIN, JAMES EDMUND. Rank: Lance Corporal. Service No: 5770633. Date of Death: Between 10/05/1940 and 23/06/1940. Age: 27. Regiment/Service: Royal Norfolk Regiment 2nd Bn.
    Panel Reference: Column 43. Memorial: DUNKIRK MEMORIAL.
    Additional Information: Son of Edward and Estella Griffin, of King's Lynn, Norfolk.
    (CWGC also searchable by Service Number)
    Obviously the different spelling made it impossible to find, but the family spelt their surname differently to the Army!
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    Thanks Kevin.
    It was me getting my I s and e s mixed up.
    And I've not been at the xmas drink yet.
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    Also D.N.B., Died Non-Battle.

  14. Ernyruff

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    Definitely Date not reported

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