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    Hi all

    Trying to establish name of Captain P.S. Wadsworth of the Royal Engineers

    He worked in Bomb Disposal probably in WW2, and was still in service in 1949.

    Any Ideas if it is Peter Wadsworth?


  2. gmyles

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    Could it be this chap? Peter Samuel WADSWORTH (368971).

    He was in the RE but wasn't commissioned until 1946.

    Previous Service Number pre-comissioning 14096359

    Hope this helps

  3. alanatabz

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    Hi Gus

    Thanks for that

    It is possible he was just after the war, as I have a 1949 photo of him disposing of a Bomb in Fraserburgh. He is mentioned in a 1953 book also.


  4. gmyles

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    From the Liverpool Echo 09 Apr 1952.


  5. gmyles

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    Lincolnshire Echo 02 October 1948

  6. gmyles

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    The Sphere 28 January 1950

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  8. alanatabz

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    Many thanks gmyles. great info there.
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    'Peter Wadsworth' is mentioned in a couple of books - 'A Photographic Story of War Time Bomb Disposal by Eric Wakeling -
    And Highly Explosive by John Frayn Turner -
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    Lt Col Peter Samuel Wadsworth was my father. He died 9 Sept 2001. He served in India, Aden, Germany, Gibraltar and did atomic bomb testing in Chistmas Island in the early ‘50s. I have many pictures of his achievements with bombs which will evdntually go to the RE museum
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    Welcome to the forum, you must be very proud of your father.
    The Herts & Essex Observer, Friday, May 4, 1951
    Wadsworth 1.jpg Wadsworth 2.jpg
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