Capt. A.D. Llewellyn-Jones: 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery R.A.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am hoping the 1st Airborne & Arnhem experts might be able to help me out here.

    I am looking for some information on Capt. A.D. Llewellyn-Jones who was with 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery R.A. he was at Arnhem Bridge and was harboured by a Dutch family but was captured two weeks later.

    Any information about which flight he was in would be great.

    Thanks guys


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  2. jljones

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    I'd be interested to know where you got the info from re the Dutch family
  3. arnhem2280

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    If it narrows it down any he came in one of the Battery HQ gliders. His glider landed at 1332 on LZ 'S'. Hope this helps.
  4. brithm

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    Can't find where I found that he was harboured by a Dutch family I know it was in a book somewhere but I can't find it at the moment. I did come across on the Royal Artillery Units Netherlands website Llewellyn-Jones's 1984 personal account of his time at Arnhem.

    RETURN TO ARNHEM 40 YEARS ON - SEPTEMBER 1984 by A.D. Llewellyn-Jones, Capt. 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery R.A.


    A.D._Llewellyn-Jones_1_.jpg A.D._Llewellyn-Jones_2_.jpg A.D._Llewellyn-Jones_3_.jpg A.D._Llewellyn-Jones_4_.jpg A.D._Llewellyn-Jones_5_.jpg A.D._Llewellyn-Jones_6_.jpg
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    Came across your post by accident. When I was four, Arvian was my dads boss on Bangladesh. We stayed with him for a couple of weeks when we first arrived. I have fond memories of him and I know he told my dad that he had escaped from the Germans and on recapture had a tendon cut to prevent re-escape. Not sure about a Ditch family, but can ask.
    He once sent me a litre of ice cream because I had said (as a 4 year old) that I could have eaten the whole block (it was dessert at a dinner party at his house). Unfortunately my mum confiscated the block halfway through my experiment and wouldn’t believe my story.

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