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Discussion in 'Italy' started by John58th, May 19, 2020.

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    Hi, Its a poor photo and a long shot, but can anyone identify the regt/unit cap badges in this photo. My father is back R (with glasses). The photo is inscribed, in his handwriting, on the back as "Italy '44" with the further information "Received 15/5/1944". I know he served as a gunner/driver with the 58th (Sussex) Field Regt RA, but that was ungraded in Jan 44 to a medium regt and was not in Italy, so how he ended up in Italy, and with which unit is a bit of a mystery at the moment. I have applied to Army Records Glasgow, but that is a long process at the moment, so thought I'd give this route a try. Thanks John Italy - Dated Photo.jpg
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    It looks like four different cap badges to me.


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    Sorry can’t help. The image is a bit blurry to me so I’ve tried to sharpen it up to help others.

    Your Father’s cap badge doesn’t look like the usual “Ubique” with a gun though....

    Good Luck


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    I could (very) well be wrong, but didn't the RA wear a flaming grenade cap badge with a beret? Apologies if this is wide of the mark.

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    Well, there's a first time for everything...
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    Have a look at Cap Badge Quiz thread

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    Thanks everyone for your replies. In my limited knowledge, I had though that there were different cap badges amongst the group. I have photos from my dads confirmed time with the 58th and the cap badge, on a forage cap, is definitely the RA badge, so the "Flaming Grenade" is very interesting. Thanks again, John

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