British WW2 Medals (Need Help)

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    Hey people,
    Firstly, I do thank a lot for your responds to my recent questions. This forum helps me a lot!
    Now what my question is,
    I want to build a set of British WW2 medals. I did a bit research online but it would be better if I get help from experts.
    what medals should I buy?
    I guess “home defense medal” and “war medal” is a set, right? Or does it need 1939-45 star to be a complete set? I hope you understood what I meant, I would appreciate if you give examples like this! Thank you! And does all British medals have its owner name on it? Thanks!
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    Any amount of medals could be determined a set.

    It depends on the type of set that you wish to create. There were a great many of contributors to the war effort.

    Some served and just received the Defence Medal, some the War Medal, some a full chest of awards.

    If they served on operation during the war, then they would receive the 1939-1945 star.

    Eligibility descriptions can be found here:
    Medals: campaigns, descriptions and eligibility - GOV.UK (

    Campaign medals were not named.
    A guide can be found here:
    Naming Styles on British War Medals & General Guide (
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