British Prisoners in Soviet hands ?

Discussion in 'Others' started by Verrieres, Jul 29, 2009.

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    Don't forget the fate of the Polish at the end of the war. The many 'liberated' Polish soldiers in German prison camps went to a worst fate and were escorted back to Siberia to the Gulags and the officers were often shot or massacred on Stalin's orders.
    These are Axis Rumanians in these photos as stated though..
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    Hi guys! In the first photo it's Mountain Troops prisoners from Romanian Army! The confusion start from beret :D! Look at that photo.That's from the Juny 1941,the begin of Barbarossa Operation. Romanian Mountain Troops and one german soldier from Wehrmacht.[​IMG]
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    Can't be British as they are not instep and marching in fours…..


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